British Units in Iraq, why no media coverage?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. Mabye its b.c I have 4 damn channels, because that is all you seem to be able to get here where I am located; or the fact that I do not care what is going in the world of football and some shirtless woman giving her two cents on something that has no impact in real world situations. But when I was back in Canada, I would see countless information on what is still occuring in the middle east, (obviously some propaganda) But where are you able to find information other then the website about what is going on over there for our troops?

    Cheers 2CB

    Oh and where can you find beef jerky in this country?
  2. Think it's because there is an election soon and Phoney, sorry Tony, Blair is very scared about raising the subject of Iraq especially as it appears to have been a slightly illegal war.

    Advice from Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, 7 March 2003 link:

    Web Page Name

    Advice from same Attorney General, 17 March 2003 link:

    Web Page Name

    I smell something fishy.... and I'm not talking about the content of Baldrick's Apple Crumble. :?
  3. Most of the UK media is generally pro-Army, but their priority is to "sell" their output, and that means the Beckham marraige, etc, is of more interest to the moronic masses than international news. A good slice of the media, especially the BBC, is distinctly anti-Army & anti-"good but unsensational news from Iraq" - besides which, as goatbag has noted, they are anxious not to do anything to harm Tony's image (further) before the election.
  4. All those are valid points and are great reason why there is overall not alot of information about what is going on for British Units abroad. I think its a sad situation, that the public cares more about who slept with Beck's or what is happening on Cornation street then what is occuring around the world. God bless, media based on blurred reality.... :?

    Cheers 2CB
  5. Cheers Goat Bag

  6. Sainsburys do Beef Jerky!!!
  7. Sainsbury? How can I locate this place?

    Cheers 2CB
  8. There's a few around...