British troops will march on the Red square in Moscow soon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. wonder if they'll goose step like the natives?
  2. When In Rome (I mean Moscow)

  3. I thought British servicemen had already been on parade on Red Square at least once in recent years? Two or three years ago there was a gathering of pipe bands, and I'm sure there were Gurkhas and Jocks from regular units amongst them.
  4. Well, it's only right -- we did win the Cold War after all... ;)
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have read there may have been a few Brits and US servicemen mixed in with the German POW's that were "marched" through in 1945.....
  6. Even the Cheese eating Surrender monkeys have done that in 1812
  7. Band of the Royal Corps of Signals (which includes Queen's Gurkha Signals pipers) was there a while back.
  8. General Mike Jackson mentions he was in Moscow on a couple of different occassions in his book 'Soldier', quite possibly British Squaddies marched on the Square during the times he was out there.
  9. I wonder if the Russians will be parading their missiles made from plywood and tinfoil too.
  10. It's an encouraging gesture, but diplomats will be watching to see how hard Putin claps as the foreigners march past him.
  11. Not until they sort out the T&S budget they won't.......
  12. I have heard that the RAF will 'represent' all Services at this event.
  13. September 2009,

    REME Pipes & Drums of 102 Battalion spent over a week in uniform in Moscow, including marching up and down (or at least blowing their own trumpets in) Red Square AND a guided tour of normally off limits areas of Kremlin Palace.

    Despite a couple of hic-ups band member stated "It was easily one of the best tours of our careers thanks to our generous hosts who did everything in their power to look after us and keep us entertained"

    Source: 'The Craftsman' Jan 2010
  14. Fair enough but can we have a full on May day parade, T-72's & SS20's down Pall Mall? :D