British troops to wear smart earplugs in Afghan combat

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Just got mine issued, 4 sets of moulded plugs laser etched with my reggie number. About time we got this excellent piece of kit, maybe not much use to me now as I'm H3 in both ears, good old SLR and CV12 power packs :worship:
  3. Well, we wouldn't want them wearing scruffy ones would we?

    :roll: :roll: :roll:


  4. In case anybody can't find the ARRSE reference, it's the last link in the text.

    It took me a while - I thought msr was referring to us as "volume-knob pills!"
  5. Should fetch a good price on eBay. ;)
  6. Whatever works! My wife certainly wishes I used hearing protection more often during my time in service... she hasn't quite figured out how selective my hearing can be. ;)
  7. Genuine SAS earplugs, as used by Special Forces in....
  8. "Bootnote
    19 Light Brigade is the British Army's new light-infantry formation, organised and equipped in the same way as the elite Air Assault and Commando brigades - though without their special training and badges."

  9. "I said,smart earplugs"



    "OK,no need to shout"
  10. WOW ! ------- ill sleep better at night knowing that.
  11. bbc two did a programme on the new kit...

  12. Hannnnnnnnnnng on..... If the earplugs cancel out gunshots, how the fook will they know they are being shot at? Combat indicator 1st sign of enemy fire is holes will appear in body.... you may notice a stinging sensation.
  13. This is good news for the lads that need them. I never understood why we didn't adopt the US MBITR radios instead of Bowman. I used MBITR when attached to US SF and the headsets were noise cancelling. Awesome bit of kit which cancelled the noise in the immediate vicinity of the user.
  14. read/watch the tech spec taker of thieves its all quite complex electronics