British Troops not needed in Iraqi says Iraqi PM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jockass, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Well now, he looks like a trustworthy sort of chap.
  2. And what are the government going to do with all these spare soldiers?? guaranteed they won't be saying thanks and have a good leave.

    Knowing our wonderfull politicians, they will redeploy them straight to AFG probably via Iran!!!!!
  3. Well said mate - they'll be only too pleased to get out. Let's hope they get some leave before they get on the plane to Kabul.
  4. how long before bordon gown gets a call asking for help again?
  5. Be prepared! Due to operation in Iraq finishing, the government will cut defence spending “back” to a peace time budget. After all, we are only fighting one war now, so a cut in money and manpower seems logical.
  6. I thought that with an Army strength of under 100,000 that the Cn-uts in Gobermunt and the MoD have already deemned UK Military as being 'Peacetime'. Maybe Gollum will 'volunteer' British Military to help rescue Pakistan from the Taleban as well....
  7. I presume that certain UK units will remain, and the RN/RAF presence will still be needed?
  8. This has nothing to do with presuming what the UK or we thinks it needs to do or what is needed, the esteemed Iraqi PM thinks our job is done and we can home home (or elsewhere...). And the remit since the july04 handover has always been that we stay only at the request/invitation of the Iraqi government.
  9. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Add onto that the end of the UN Mandate and a requirement for a UK/Iraq SOFA for post 31 Dec 08 and life is about to change fast IMHO. The Iraqi PM is pretty clear we will be longer be welcome based on the tone of the article and what he said. Whatever the ins and outs of Basra, he appears to not be happy with the way things went earlier in the year (I make no judgement on this - I was not there). I am assuming this has coloured his view ?
  10. He seems to be backing up what has already been said on our side that there is no longer a task other than some specialist training and we should therefore leave.

    Let's just hope that others do not see this as a signal to cause mayhem yrt again.
  11. Good,

    It is time the Iraqis took responsibility for their own sandpit, however, if the sh1t does hit the fan again, just remember who they have to go running to for help. I am sure that the Yanks are going to love having to cover that area as well. In addition, I can just see the Haliburton trucks et al rolling into Basra to capitalise on the Oil Infrastructure rebuilding, having to be protected by DOD contractors as they are in the North. As far I am bothered they can have it. The only thing good about Basra is the airport, as it is the quickest way out that sh1thole.

    Sorryfor the rant, had a sh1tty tour their a while ago.