British troops - more targets to attack


"Taliban attacks will further increase with a decrease in the winter cold," a former Taliban governor of Kandahar province, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Rahmani, told Reuters by satellite telephone from an undisclosed location.
U.S. military officials say the Taliban have changed tactics ... and are now increasingly using roadside bombs and suicide blasts
At the same time, the United States is hoping to withdraw about 3,000 of the more than 18,000 troops
The deployment of about 3,300 British troops in southern Afghanistan later this year would give the Taliban more targets to attack
"An increase in foreign forces in Afghanistan will provide the Taliban easy targets and make it easier for them to attack and inflict losses," Rahmani said.
Well thank you Sergey, thats just the fillip the troops needed this morning. So true. The bad boys have allegedly been filtering into Afghanistan from the tribal Areas and NWF province of Pakistan, the already-resident bad boys have been using the winter period as a training, regrouping and re-equipping period and the Taliban propaganda machine is cranking up the level of death-predictions. And?
I fully accept the premise that there will be, if not mission creep, then certainly mission confusion between the OEF and ISAF missions. I accept that the hearts and minds campaign is going to be a bugger to mount with any degree of credibility unless there is an amazing increase in compensatory payments and provision of alternative crops to the local populace. I note with interest the reported exchange between the CGS and COMARRC reported in the Daily Telegraph of 13 Feb that COMARRC wants more fighting troops, arty and avn assets to prosecute the campaign (a tacit admission that the security and assistance part of ISAF is going to have to be a little more aggresive in it's prosecution).........................and I ask myself if you are playing the part of Cassandra, foretelling the woe that is to come, or if you're having a gloat, predicting Younghusband 2.
Whilst not too sanguine about the forthcoming op, neither am I convinced in the "rivers of blood" utterances of the Taliban spuin doctors. There will, I am sure, be an increase in terrorist opportunity attacks on the SF and there will be an upsurge in resentment from the local populace - but as they sell to the local warlords, guess where I think the focus of our attentions should be? Things being what they are, I'll let you know how it all goes!
Knew COMARRC as a Brigadier, met him again as COMARRC. If I didn't detest them, I'd feel sorry for the Taliban. COMARRC's a feckin genius! :)
Another gleeful re-emphasis of the bleedin obvious from Sergei. Perhaps we should break out the
'General Ordzhonikidze Big Boys' Bumper Book of Rebel-busting.' Just like you guys did.....
Perevodchik said:
Another gleeful re-emphasis of the bleedin obvious from Sergei. Perhaps we should break out the
'General Ordzhonikidze Big Boys' Bumper Book of Rebel-busting.' Just like you guys did.....

You are at work (Persvodchik is a translator in Russian). You translated quotes from the article (without even one my own word) in a gleeful reaction. You are not right. In 80's brother of my wife spent 2 years (as a leutenant) in Kabul and Kandagar. So I remember how joyfull were my in-Laws then he returned Moscow from a hospital in Tashkent.

I wish all British soldiers to return home. God save you.

10 years of Soviet presence in Afghanistan and so many lessons, important conclusion. Have then been using? I doubt.

Firstly, the Soviets implanted Babrak Karmal as a head of pro-Soviet regime - loyal but weak and passive. Much like Karzai. But situation changed with Najibullah. Using different methods he formed real army. He managed to stay at power 2 years after quit of Soviet troops. Only after abrupt cut in supplies made by Gorbachev, pro-Soviet regime fell.

Afghanistan potentially is much dengerous than Iraq. Each man there learns to shoot from his childhood. So the whole country is a potential army of very good shooters. Brother of my wife told me that once two soldiers were killed by a sniper (both in forehead).

Without local pro-Western army the war in Afghanistan would be endless. No matter how many troops would be deployed, how talented would be commanders.

A 'half full' Afghan army

ANA soldiers earn $70 a month
So salries of ALL present Afghan army is $2.5-3mln. per month. I don't think that it is huge money for American defense budget. They easily can be doubled and trippled.

Now say me what would you prefer: fight yourself with Madjid or send Rasheed to fight with Madjid?

Talibs are Pushtuns but Tajiks and Uzbeks from Nothern Afghanistan are mainly neutral today. By the way Najibullah 'urged' Uzbek leader Dustum (who was an 'insurgent') to become a general and his militia was renamed as 10th division. I believe that something like this can be done just now.

Some are former militia fighters who have seen many battles but little professional training. Others are as green as the helmets on their head.
And we see it in the country there are tens thousands of experienced fighters. Some fought against Soviets troops and many against Taliban. Taliban to Tadjiks is a natural enemy. Special forces based of ethnical and even tribal basis would be very effective.

ANA officials counter that ethnicity is not a criteria for selecting foot soldiers, although there is an attempt to maintain an ethnic balance among officers to reflect the country's ethnic mix.
Ethnically mixed regiments are bad regiments in real situation. Taliban groups are formed on tribal principle and it works.

Fifty percent of the officers are illiterate.
There is a lot of former Afghani officers graduated in Soviet academies, including tankists, pilots. Why can they been used?

As to the future mission in Helmand then it will be successful no doubt but absolutely senseless.

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