British troops kill 20 in ambushes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 15, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. "About 20 were killed and 13 captured," the spokesman said, adding that some Iraqis were being treated for wounds.

    "We regret they were forced to respond but we will protect our lives," he said.

    Now, I'd like to think that our boys didn't treat the captured ragheads with kidgloves after the crap from the Mirror. "Please sir, I'm just going to put plasti-cuffs on your hands, if that's okay, and mind your step as you get in the back of the Landrover". Maybe Moron will now realise what the situation is really like as he contemplates life on the dole.
  3. good to see though that our guys still manage to extract under fire , treat casualties , and get plenty of rounds down without the need to call in 75,000 tons of ordanance onto the grid square in question.But as you say gunny lets hope our guys dont feel hog tied by some hand wringing apologists and still manage to stay focused.
  4. What is the story then? how did it happen, which was the regiment involved? Well done chaps!!
  5. The Mehdi Army people I met were mainly muppets. 17-19 year olds with little or no training. They will get lucky once in a while but mostly they are lambs to the slaughter.
  6. What form, and how many years from now, will the Blowback from the actions and deeds of Brits and US Forces (not to mention the rag tag remainder of the "coalition") in Iraq take? I hear Chalmers Johnson's work Blowback was a hot seller in Europe (the US panned it before 911) pre911. Chalmers all but predicted the US 911 and he has gone on to publish Sorrows of Empire to bring America's Empire up to date where the British Empire (now merely a "poodle") left off.

    Ra, ra, shish, bomb, blah.

  7. Alternatively, how much goodwill will we create by doing our best to bring democracy and liberty to the Middle East? I can't recall how many times I was thanked by Iraqis for getting rid of Saddam (not that I had anything to do with it).
  8. And how would those same Iraqi now respond to a query about how long the US should remain in Iraq? Seems I just read one that claimed "82%" want the US out now.
    [​IMG]England's impact on Iraq - or is this just a pregnant moment?
    Would you allow this woman (Brig. Gen. Janis L. Karpinski) to baby sit your children?
    I don't think so . . .
  9. Notwithstanding the fact that "sovereignty" is a bunch of stuff and nonsense fit for the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland when are the Iraqi gonna be thrown a bone by the "Coalition" (of the diminishing).
  10. I would guess that most of these polls are taken by terrified civilians in Baghdad, too scared to travel round the country and see what else is happening. To be honest, the occupation and reconstruction aren't going as well as they would have done if there had been a proper plan in place before the invasion, but most Iraqis outside Baghdad concede that things are better than they were under Saddam. But in reality, these peoples' lives have been turned upside-down in the past year, and the dust has yet to settle. When they are the first Islamic democracy (outside Turkey), and begin to realise the effects of their enormous oil reserves, as well as their industrial capacity, without having to look over their shoulders for Saddam's Mukhabarat, I am very confident their outlook will cahnge.

    As for Karpinski, finally something we can agree on. She looks like my father (a former Welsh international second row forward, for those who follow rugby) wearing make-up.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I hope your father had better taste in make up and jewellry.
  13. It featured lots of leeks and daffodils...