British Troops Investigated for Heroin Smuggling

Why don't we buy it & use it medically?

When I asked this to one of the SOCA officers who came down to brief us, the explained (at length) that it was not commercially viable - it would cost far too much to put all the systems in place to collect/export the unprocessed opium into the refined product.

And OP PLUNDER still occurs, but there's always ways around things like it.
How can this be? After all we know that every person who has ever deployed is a Saint.

R4 has just reported that the allegation also involves Canadians and includes both Bastion and Khandahar.

Personally it sounds the stuff of nonsense to me.
Old news. Some quality deals made by contractors in 2006 after a certain Turkish firm rocked up at KAF and opened up a supply line wider than a pads wives anus. Who could blame them? A couple of thousand dollars for a 1000% mark up if you can sly it past the empty heads in the terminal, No contest.

Just dont kick the arrse out of it, some alkijocks at KBR make fortunes every time they go home....

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