British troops in Iraq likely to be halved after success

Does this ring true with those who have recent experience of the situation in Eyerack?

The number of British troops serving in Iraq will be halved early next year after commanders on the ground yesterday claimed to have reached the "tipping point" in defeating insurgents in the southern city of Basra.

Senior Army officers said the number of British troops serving in Iraq would be reduced from 7,200 to 3,500 by February if the military campaign continued at its current rate of success.

The campaign, known as Operation Sinbad, began last month.

As the latest six-month turnaround of British forces got under way this week, officers said they were confident the success of the counter-insurgency effort would lead to a significant reduction in troop numbers.

"If Operation Sinbad goes as well as it has done, then we can expect to substantially decrease our force by February at the earliest," said a senior British officer based in Basra.

"There is a real sense that we are just short of that tipping point. If we can just push it over the edge everything will fall in a particular way."
Easy for the man with the spreadsheet.

3500 x 2 =7000

Just make them work twice as hard and send the spares to Helmand
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