British troops in Afghanistan should fight for 15 months

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, May 12, 2008.

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  1. British troops in Afghanistan should fight for 15 months, not six, says Nato chief
    Last updated at 12:54pm on 12th May 2008

    Call for longer tours: General Dan McNeill
    The commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan has urged British troops to spend more time on the frontline – and away from their loved ones – in a bid to get better results against the Taliban.

    General Dan McNeill insisted longer tours of up to 15 months would lead to a swifter victory against the insurgents, that could see a reduction in the number of international troops as early as 2011.

    British soliders currently fight spend six months in the country before returning home.
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  2. This was bound to raise its head again particularly now that UK troops are operating with the US marines in Helmond.
  3. They keep banging on about this. Even the yank Marines have told them to get stuffed.

    15 months is hardly going to encourage people to stay in the services is it!
  4. Testicles!

    The only reason that US forces are doing such long tours is lack of manpower, it's got bugger all to do with 'combat effectiveness'.

    In my opinion this nonsense is only being touted in order to quell unrest amongst the 'over-used, and much abused' US troops, who're demanding shorter tours like those of the UK forces.
  5. They are lucky we are even there at all,
  6. That isn't quite true, from the inside it isn't exactly like the media has made it.

    Marines do only 7 month tours or around that many while it's the Army that does the 15 month. Leaving troops in one spot for over a year is part of the strategy Petreaus brought in--get to know the locals, get the lay of the land and so on. Of course this dovetailed nicely with troop shortage issues.
  7. Yeah the blokes would be queuing round the block to do a tour like that.
  8. Brown states he will listen to the people , well the people have been telling him for long enough , pull out of both Afghanistan and Iraq , neither of the countries are any of our business and not worth the loss of one more British life .
    Never mind