British troops in Afghan to get made-in-China uniforms

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Skynet, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. British troops in Afghan to get made-in-China uniforms
    17:01, August 04, 2010
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    British troops serving in Afghanistan will change their combat uniforms for the first time in 40 years and some of the new ones are made in China to save costs, according to the Times of India and the Sunday Express' reports.

    The report in the Sunday Express said that for better adaption to complicated combats in deserts or green valleys, the British army would improve their combat uniforms.

    It's said that the new uniforms' research and design took 20 years and high-tech materials were also used to reduce damage to the soldiers.

    The report also said that some of the new combat uniforms will made in a factory in China to save costs.

    A high-ranking officer with British Whitehall said having the uniforms made in China reduced costs by as much as 23 million pounds (about 246 million yuan)

    By Zhao Chenyan, People's Daily Online
    British troops in Afghan to get made-in-China uniforms - People's Daily Online
  2. CS95 must of been a figment of my imagination then??
  3. Jesus. Mafeking relieved on page 2.
    This isn't old news; it's ancient.
    20 years my arse, Crye hasn't existed that long!
  4. It happened years ago.
  5. Isn't most of our CS95 subcontracted through a company in Fermanagh to China?

    Is the new stuff better quality than 95s have been for the last few years?
  6. Won't be for long :wink:
  7. "Reduce damage to soldiers"
    How's that work then?
  8. So that´s 23 million quid that could have gone to a British firm then?

    What´s the point in saving money that you´ll never see again,money has to go around in circles through the community that buys the product and then the proceeds come back again in food, clothing or even beer at the local.Giving it away to a foreign country just makes the stuff disappear never to be seen again,at least give Countries like Romania or another EEC basket case the jobs to keep them from coming to the UK.
    They didn´t `save´23 million they threw it down the drain!
  9. "So that´s 23 million quid that could have gone to a British firm then?"

    yup, at which point people would have complained that the MOD has been ripped off and if we'd gone to China it could have been done more quickly and cheaply ;-)
  10. That, and the fact that it would've cost £230 million to manufacture the same kit in the UK.............
  11. Does this mean the forces will only recruit people 5'5" and under in future? Won't some of the burly chaps in the RCT look a bit silly squeezed into teensy-weensy uniforms?
  12. It says it `saved´23 million but I suppose Britain `wasted´ 230 million then!Using British or EEC countries means that the money stays in the economical area the money was earned in and comes back due to the workers spending their wages in the same area.Once that money gets to China it´s gone forever,It will never filter back to the country that raised the money in the first place.
    When British factories move abroad then the companies won´t have to wonder why their former customers have no money to buy their products,no jobs no money and the State can´t keep on paying dole money If no taxes are being paid.
    Buying British or EEC might be more expensive in the short term but at least we wouldn´t be paying people dole money to keep the Chinese economy running,there´s 27 million unemployed in the EEC.
    I know, I don´t live on the same planet but It seems to me we´re trying to save money in the wrong places and I wonder how long it will take untill the economy totally crashes!
  13. Ill spin you a small dit told me by a friend of mine a silversmith.. he worked for a very prestigious firm in london, anyhow he had to drill out the burrs on 70,000 silver cast buttons, 4 holes per button ! what had happened is the company bought the buttons from china, the coats from turkey (where the said buttons were stitched on), anyhow burrs around holes cut through thread; button pings off, anyhow after some very pissed off rich old ladies later my mate has to dremel out these holes... firm arent too happy about this, end up going BACK to Brum jewellry quarter where they had been getting them untill they were outsourced , and..... guess what no firm ? just an empty shed and the odd tumbleweed rolling by ! went bust shortly after the button orders went, got to go back to china, where, of course the price has gone up anyhow cos they know theres no competition back home for them anymore.
  14. I think the 'changing uniform for 1st time in 40years' refers to the move from British DPM to MTP. I agree though that if the contract had have went to a UK firm the money 'saved' would have come back through the system as tax or moved to other UK companies as the employees spend it.
  15. When we pull out of the VERY unique terrain of Helmand will we return to the standard patterns? Especially as it scores so well in every other terrain type (especially desert which wiped the floor with everyone elses in the pentagon trials).