British troops haul Ridgback in Helmand marathon

How about this for an MOD feed.......

'Desk beaurocrat feeding pointless MOD propaganda has job axed and salary spent on something worthwhile instead......

I await with baited breath the next MOD RSS feed.
Oh look a fat useless b*stard who never deploys leaving the slim boys to get spammed again & again ;-)
You call her fat? Are you having a tin bath? She is positively svelte for a loggie female.

I wonder if all of them volunteered to do that in their downtime or they were voluntold.
I wish I had time on tour to **** around pulling things.
After getting hammered on 10 liners for 6 months we got to run around in a bastard EOD suit days few before our flight home whilst plenty of the ech/REMF element were "busy" handing over or manning the water station or tin rattling. Cheers ech!

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