British troops haul Ridgback in Helmand marathon

How about this for an MOD feed.......

'Desk beaurocrat feeding pointless MOD propaganda has job axed and salary spent on something worthwhile instead......

I await with baited breath the next MOD RSS feed.
Sneer not chaps, after SDSR2, we'll probably be down to towing the things as we won't have any money to fill them up.
Are those combats the stretchy version from Primark?

There'll be a few REMFs hobbling around for the next few days. I wonder which senior NCO bullied them into doing that......
Oh look a fat useless b*stard who never deploys leaving the slim boys to get spammed again & again ;-)
You call her fat? Are you having a tin bath? She is positively svelte for a loggie female.

I wonder if all of them volunteered to do that in their downtime or they were voluntold.
I wish I had time on tour to **** around pulling things.
After getting hammered on 10 liners for 6 months we got to run around in a bastard EOD suit days few before our flight home whilst plenty of the ech/REMF element were "busy" handing over or manning the water station or tin rattling. Cheers ech!

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