British troops going into combat in foreign helicopters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. British troops have flown into combat against the Taliban in Afghanistan in American, Dutch and Australian helicopters, it has emerged.
    As the row over the support available to British forces fighting in Helmand Province deepened, David Cameron, the Conservative leader, described the Government's failure to supply more helicopters as a "scandal".

    John Hutton, the former defence secretary, became the latest leading player to be criticised by the Government after raising concerns over the plight of those serving on the frontline.

    General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Head of the Army, pulled out of a planned television appearance after a week of briefing and counter-briefing between senior military figures and Labour ministers.
  2. big wow, that is nothing new, other forces have flown into combat in our SH.
  3. Latest news: US troops put ashore at Omaha beach by RN landing craft. See pages 3,7, 21 and Jade Goody supplement
  4. Glaring mistake in there.

    "But the disclosure that strapped British troops had been forced to use coalition helicopters for combat operations came after it emerged the Military of Defence had been forced to rely on civilian Mi-8 and Mi26 transport helicopters, piloted by freelance Russians and Ukrainians, to ferry supplies and soldiers."

    Errrr, no.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    And in other news: British soldiers go to war wearing boots made in China, firing bullets made in Canada, travelling in vehicles made in the USA.
  6. It's not hard to tell you haven't been to Afghanistan is it?

    Unless you never left the safety of Bastion.
  7. Nothing new, the helicopter that crashed on 20 Mar 2003 that killed 8 Brits was a US CH 46 Sea Knight Helicopter.

    Also, although not combat, in Bosnia we were flown about in Czech Hips in 1997 and Dutch Cougars in 2002/3.
  8. To be fair, wether he has or hasn't (and nor have I for that matter) that quote is direct from the Telegraph rather than singha61's own words.
  9. In order to destroy Taliban made in Britain!
  10. But if he'd been he'd know we use foreign helis all the time. It would have saved him posting such a non story.
  11. Again, its probably old news, but the thing that struck me about that article wasn't the helicopter issue (which has been overdone; obviously we need more helicopters in Afghanistan just as we need more of pretty much everything else but their absence is just a factor of the current government's lacklustre approach) but the increasingly vocal demands from Karzai that the 'moderate' Taliban are to be brought into some form of negotiations.

    "Meanwhile, Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, urged Mr Brown and western leaders to enter into talks with the Taliban.

    He said: "Military operations are no longer enough. We have to re-think the way we do things - without that there won't be any improvements.

    "We must engage in negotiations, bring back those Taliban who are willing to return, who have been driven out by fear and coercion and the mistakes we've all made. They are part of this country and must be called back."

    My memory isn't that good but weren't some of our FO advisors chucked out for suggesting this 18 months or so ago ?
  12. I believe you are right. Funny how the world turns isn't it?

  13. Yes they were, but we had Bush, the All American Village Idiot running the show then and he was convinced we could win…
  14. Errrr, yes (my underline of your bold)
  15. British soldiers fly in foreign helicopters? Big Filbert said FWP nations provided Hips in Bos' and I had a ride in a Hungarian one. Still got the squadron patch...

    Moreover in the good old days of NATO/Cold War, we used to exercise with other NATO avn/air assets all the time because guess what, in an alliance based force you might not get Mk1 Helicopter, British! I recall lobbing out of a CH53 and also UH-1 picking up our guns too.

    The issue of contractorised avn versus organic military is a quite different issue to nationality. Or am I straining at a gnat here and everybody has "got it" already?