British Troops give Iraqis what they deserve

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by American_Ninja, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello British boys and gals. I came across some video footage on CNN of you Brit boys giving some rag tag muthers a good kicking. I say it's about time you boys did something as we are getting fed up of carrying you on our 51st state little island we call it. Anyways thanks for taking the limelight off of us for a change we are not aloud cameras anymore so we can do what the fuxx we like. I would like to meet the crazy guy who was filming you boys he seems a right nut job but hey who cares we are in a war situation and should do what the fuxx we like. Take it easy out there and if you need a hand just call for the United States Marine Corps whhhooo haaaaa

  2. Is this a WAH??

    Probably not because there isn't an obvious question eh?? What was I thinking?
  3. Did you see the previous footage of incoming mortars and grenades some of which were allegedly thrown by 2 of the scrotes in question? Whilst to the arab world this will be shown as an example of Brit brutality, in the real world, it is soldiers under fire showing remarkable restraint. Any othere army would be using gunships and not batons your included.

    This video reminds me of an old joke:

    Whats the difference between a magicians wand and a British Soldiers baton?

    A Magicians wand is used for cunning stunts..
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  6. guess where you can read this from now on?
  7. As usual the British Media only show one side of the incident.They failed to show the grenades and mortars coming over the wall and exploding inside the compound.The belief was, that they were trying to draw the lads out into the open in order that the suicide bombers and snipers could do their dirty deeds on them.
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  14. Does anybody have a link to that video? All i've seen is the screen shots they chose to show in the papers.