British troops forced to live in squalor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Drone_pilot, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. Thousands of British soldiers are living in squalor at damp, poorly
    maintained barracks with leaking roofs, broken windows, faulty heating,
    potentially dangerous wiring and blocked lavatories.

    Inquiries have revealed that some of the UK's 200 Army barracks even suffer
    from infestations of rats and mice - and the bill to renovate the dilapidated
    slum-like buildings could run to £10billion.

    Last night, the situation was branded shameful and scandalous, while Britain's
    top Army officer, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Richard Dannatt, was
    said to be furious about being forced to choose between spending money on
    weaponry for Iraq and Afghanistan and upgrading Service homes.

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  2. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Certainly when I was in Palace Bks a few months ago. (working for Sky TV at the time) I was in one of the old blocks by the Heli Pad.The lad who's room I was working in had just moved in as his unit was temporaly moved to Palace from Armagh?
    As he was moving in the entire corner of the ceiling decided to leak,sending a steady stream of water down into the bucket he had place under it!The whole barrack block looked like a sh1tehole,broken window's,leaky roof,flooded washrooms.
    When I was in the RAF the rooms were good to brilliant.(Kinloss had the best) & all single man.The only time you got a multi man room was the transit-block!When the R.E came to Bruggen back in 88,they could not believe that they got single man rooms!
    But in my opinion,the RAF has always had the edge accomadation wise with the Army getting the worst.Dunno about the Navy thank func!
  3. The plight of the SFA isn't much better in places...

    Sadly limited media interest unless its a quiet news day.

    Needless to say, many quarters (particularly the maintainance contracts - see my other rants on MHS) would not pass muster if they were reallocated as council or asylum housing
  4. although not as bad as many the barracks at bruggen are not necessarily that good the ablutions are pretty good although not ensuite like the Z type however the rooms are tiny. They recently failed inspection as they effected the human rights of the soldiers living in them as they did give the required living space.

    Admittedly not as bad as some of the Aldershot and Bulford accomadation blocks but not great either.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was in one of the blocks by the JR mess (88 if I remember right) & started off in a fairly small room,but then they were re-painting the blocks so I moved into one further down Singlystrasse & bagged one of the larger rooms in the middle of the block.
    The Transit Block at Bruggen was condemmed but stil in use.The rooms at Kinloss had en-suite tho.
  6. If our mps decided to take a pay cut then may be our lads could have decent barracks etc
    if you lived in a council accommodation in civvy street and informed the environmental health department about the poor condition's people is living in there would be a public out cry
    Our boys deserve proper accomdation like everyone else .
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I 'left' the RAF about 10 years ago,I could'nt get a NI Housing Exec place because I had'nt lived here for over 7 years,so I had to rent private & go on the list.Thankfully,The place I rented was damp,so fter giving the housing a letter from my doc,I had a nice 2 bed appartment within 2 months!
  8. BAFF are campaigning re this very subject. They seek details and photos. It should be easy for anyone who is in anything sub-standard to beg/borrow/steal a digital camera and walk around the crap they live in. If you know how, switch on the date and time stamp feature otherwise make it clear in the transmission of the photos to BAFF. Don't forget to detail location, block, floor as appropriate. Make sure that the room contents are tidy otherwise the pollies will say that we live like swine and pigsty is all we need. Best of all, probably, is any sign or other documentation saying things like 'Stay out - danger' as this confirms that someone knows about the place being shytty.
    Just once. Doesn't take long. Good practice for those crutch close-ups.