British troops enjoy turkeys & Christmas puddings in Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 25, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    December 26, 2009
    British troops enjoy turkeys and Christmas puddings in Afghanistan

    Grenadier Guardsmen making use of extra phone credit to call home from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Troops struggled to find time for Christmas services and celebrations while on patrol
    Jerome Starkey in Kabul
    Christmas for British troops started before breakfast yesterday as the top UK General in Afghanistan, the Ambassador and the commander of Taskforce Helmand made a whistle-stop tour of almost half a dozen frontline positions.

    “We all know everyone back home is having a drink and eating well,” said forces’ spokesman Lieutenant Colonel David Wakefield. “But we also know that our friends and family will be raising a glass to us, and that’s what matters.”

    General Nick Parker – whose son Harry was seriously wounded in Helmand in July – flew down from Nato’s headquarters in Kabul to serve the soldiers breakfast at a Spartan patrol base in Nad-e Ali district, in central Helmand.

    General Parker, the deputy commander of Nato’s International Security Assistance Force, joined the British Ambassador Mark Sedwill and Brigadier James Cowan for a trip to five remote outposts. The generals went on to the main British base, Camp Bastion.
  2. Did they bring any beer?
  3. Our generals make NuLiabor politicians look like morale pygmies!

  4. Did they get their 2xtins of beer?