British troops attacked in Iraq

An attack on a British convoy in Iraq has caused casualties, the Ministry of Defence says.
A spokesman said there had been a number of casualties but was unable to give further details.

Iraqi police officials say a roadside bomb exploded on Sunday in the Kahla area, 25 miles south of Amarah.

British forces sealed off the area and a helicopter evacuated casualties. No details have been given on the number of injured or how badly hurt they are.
does not give to much info may find out more later date

hope they get home soon :!:
Lets hope there are no serious casualties.
Radio news reporting one dead and multiple serious injuries.

RIP mate and rapid recovery to the injured parties.

i wish a speedy recovery to all the others involved
Reuters also carrying the story of the attack, which occurred at approx 0500Hrs GMT this morning.

Reuters said:
The British soldier was the 50th killed in action in Iraq, the ministry said.
Thoughts go out to the family and friends of the dead and injured....


Ghost :(
RIP and heart felt sadness to the family. I hope the troops recover quickly.
My deepest sympathies for the families of those killed and injured. RIP. A speedy recovery to those who were injured.
Condolences to the family , colleagues and friends of the fallen.

A speedy recovery to the injured.


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