British troops allegedly smuggled stolen guns to the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 16, 2007.

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  2. not suprising, there's an absoloute fortune to be made from illegal firearms in the UK, although they do not think about the effect this will have on other people.
  3. Jail em!
  4. Nice one Sergey
    Trust you slept well last night, sort of satisfied and contented after informing us of this news,
  5. So, if I've got this right, weapons from Iraqi Police Stations have gone missing and fallen into the hands of criminal gangs, who will have no hestitation in using them to kill innocent people. Oh, and a handful of soldiers have bought weapons back from Iraq as well.

    None story.

    Good to see that whilst he can turn a blind eye to the innocent slaughter of those Iraqis now at daily risk from working for us, some of whom have indeed been killed by weapons from Iraqi Police Stations that the PM is happy to investigate soldiers with vigour.
  6. Sounds about right, those nice Iraqi police get the softly-softly and those pesky veterans get the shaft.

    I'm holding back on the profanity riddled rant here, just imagine two hundred words alternating with f@ck and the usual dismay.
  7. err I may be wrong, actually I cant be arrsed to check at this time of night , but werent2 soldiers recentley given, about 10 years, hefty sentences for doing just that recentley????
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    You lot need to grow up - sharpish. You think it's ok for professional soldiers to smuggle live weapons back to the UK? Get a shagging grip.
  9. Hope thats not directed at me..... :wink:
  10. Guess I better take them off Ebay then
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Nah, the three lunatics before you!
  12. I think Sergey! performs a valuable service in pointing these things out - and to his eternal credit, he usually offers an unbiased assessment of the news he has found.

    In Soviet Russia, news tells you.
  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    ...once the aforementioned criminal has evaded the MGS (not hard) made his way into the Mess without the Badge spotting him (taxing, but not impossible) and actually had the "live" firearm away from its mounting on the wall (again, believable), he'll be more than suprised when he performs his first armed robbery with it and bubbles come out the end of the barrel :D
  14. Reminds me of all those tanks and APC's Russian troops sold to the Chechens :D
  15. Hi Jonwilly!

    I simply haven't time to comment the story yesterday (those who are married would understand me).

    There was absolutely the same problem in Afghanistan in Soviet times. And of course Chechya (as our friend Parapauk pointed out) was a source of illegal arms smuggled by Russian soldiers. And sometimes Chechen rebels baught weapons from corrupted elements in Russian military.

    I fancy that the scale of the problem in Russia was even higher.