British troops accused of mistreating Iraqi prisoners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scotscop, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Just seen the BBC showing images from tomorrows Daily Mirror, supposedly some British troops have been mistreating Iraqi prisoners. Not on the main news websites yet.

    Edit: Originally red "Daily Mail" changed to read "Daily Mirror"
  2. Ok just been published onto the BBC: BBC news
  3. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    just seen Gen M Jackson on BBC news saying they are investigating but they haven, been proved yet

    really hope it isn,t true :x
  4. Just saw General Sir Mike Jackson on the news - handled it very well. But then again he didn't talk a load of crap, try and spin it, change the subject and attack the media. So he can't be a politician then. Thank god.
  5. There must be some mistake. When I joined the army we used to run a PH+TQ course every month.

    It seemed that 4 years ago, the Army was no longer prepared to endorse this as a valid training need and the course was cancelled. Must be beacause the LOAC ITD package was so hot......

    Blank SOTR forms anyone???
    Now Only Crown Training Services can save the day!!!!

    That's Prisoner Handling and Tactical Questioning Jake, before you ask
  6. Vultures around the carcass, so to speak.

    Shite happens in any walk of life, I would like to think we are better than that and every barrel has a bad apple or two.

    I would think the American experience stands beyond the pale, but I guess we will have to wait until the dirt diggers give us their verdict.

    I went to the Dunny last week and used grass, I guess Greenpeace or any other Tree Hugger do Gooder will be after me.

    I am totally desolated to be on their Hit List :D :lol:

    I see 4 posts have been posted , before I posted mine, there is no excuse for any of these latest allegations, if true they are a disgrace to the uniform they wear. :cry:
  7. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    FFS the government won't even come up with their own condemnation of these crimes. Bunch of losers the lot of them. :evil: :evil: :evil: As has been said already by everyone that has replied on this topic, the perptrators are criminals and should be treated as such. It is harder to think of a more clear cut example of mistreatment of prisoners.

    At least Sir Micheal says what he means.

  8. It is absolutely stomach churning. Heads need to roll right the way up the QLR chain of command if this turns out to be true. We've been able to justify our presence by saying we've improved things for the Iraqis, but if this is going on, then we haven't really...

    Feck this, I'm going for a morose beer somewhere... :cry:
  9. The outcome will be interesting ....
  10. Following the dubiousness of the reasons for the Iraq operation, the British public had mixed feeling towards the army; by a demonstration of total professionalism the army regained public confidence, dispite the best efforts of the politicians; if these latest allegations prove to be true then public confidence in the army will be knocked again.
    I firstly hope the allegations will be disproved, but failing that, I hope that all those involved, as high up the chain of command as is necessary, get beasted out of sight. To qoute CGS, 'they are a disgrace to the Queens uniform'.
  11. "if proven, the perpetrators are not fit to wear the Queen's uniform and they have besmirched the Army's good name and conduct"

    hear, hear
  12. IMHO, you can defeat an Army intent on world domination and a bizarre hobby interested in peculiar genetic experiments with all the human rights issues that that has attached to it and become the most shaggable bloke next to Brad Pitt, anywhere in the British Isles, even in the Kyle of Loch Alsh. But some retarded bedding storeman from the 8th Mess Tin Welding and Fitters section who swears at a member of civpop can ruin the whole shooting match in one go for the good and benefit. Strange world. Generalisation and simplistic view, you understand.

    Short memories and a general lack of patriotism in the British general public based on a repugnant need to appear on 'The Trisha' show and a lack of military bearing brought on by the fact that few members of the populace know any cnut who has served in HMF, is bringing this country to its knees.

    Not defending the actions, if proven but I feel we should mount an operation that silences these so called 'do gooders' we call journalists. If they feel the need to 'out' such activities that they consider to be in the public interest, they would no doubt be happy to work for free. After all, if their moral conscience is so strong, they won’t have an issue over doing it 'gratis'. Bring on the first journo strike. I would volunteer to be on the front line to quell the uprising, armed with nothing more than wit, quick response humour and a bergan full of biohazard condoms with a regional journos name on it. Bunch of Ozone abusers. I have had a closer relationship with growths on my rectum than I would care to have with these mentally deficient capitalist pig dogs.

    Journos; you can’t all be Kate fcuking Adie and be 'famous'. Try reporting the news as opposed to trying to 'make the cnunting news', cnuts.

    Message ends.
  13. Flash

    at last some practical uses for the AH 64: simply feed the NUJ members directory ( geo referenced) into the mission planning system and hey presto! a Ramallah style solution to our media relations needs!!

    IMOH if the mainstrean of the army can not start learning to cope with assymmetry, it will just get shrunk down and wheeled out of St John's Wood and Knightsbridge once a year for ceremonial, with only SF capable of doing actual operations.

    Whilst there is some culpability within the QLR chain of command, the army is merely re learning what it discovered after Op MOTORMAN. You need to have firm doctrine, individual and collective training and SOPS to get prisoner handling right. We set all this in motion back then.
    Unfortunately it does not go bang and it isn't sexy, "move it down to the bottom of the pile again Darling"

    "Well it's gone bang now General......."
    Shock - horror -probe or has the wheel just turned full circle again??????
  14. It would appear to have originated from the Daily Mirror. I've managed to hold onto my queasy stomach and found the link:

    Daily Mirror - UK Soldiers

    I personally hope that, if proven true and they manage to identify the lads involved, Jacko's words are taken as he stated and they are thrown out of the firm. Just noticed in the Mirror's article:
    Hearts & Minds? On Telic I we went over the border without body armour because we didn't have any... But at least I had a couple of rounds of ammunition. :)
  15. Blaming journos for exposing this is daft - and also misses the point. We are meant to be a disciplined force capable of operating sanely under difficult circumstances, not a bunch of cowboys. According to the news stories, this Iraqi was detained for several hours, which raises the questions:

    What was the team/multiple commander doing while this was going on?

    What were the company hierarchy doing?

    And if 'horrified comrades' were able to take photographs of the abuse, which they subsequently pass to the press, why weren't they able or inclined to stop this abuse while it was happening?

    Not to mention the Falklands (Longdon execution), Gulf War 1 (various incidents) etc etc. The fact is that actually we pay lip-service to teaching LOAC. Last time I was unable to skive a LOAC lecture, they were still using that crap video shot at Imber with the "You take his watch Smudge, and I'll 'ave the gold teeth..." dialogue. A young Tom watches that, then goes back to his scratcher and throws Blackhawk Down on the DVD. Which is more realistic? And which is more likely to influence his behaviour?

    I'm rambling like a cnut now, but this has really pissed me off :(