British troop numbers to be cut in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. From today´s Independent
    Gordon Brown tells US he will scale down UK military involvement in the next three to five years. Brian Brady and James Fergusson report

    Sunday, 6 September 2009

    Britain has laid plans to begin winding down its military involvement in Afghanistan, by slashing its troop presence by at least half within five years.

    Gordon Brown has put the United States on notice that he wants to cut UK troop numbers from more than 9,000 to fewer than 5,000 in "three to five years, maximum", according to senior sources at the Ministry of Defence. Ministers stress that they will not abandon Afghanistan, but they want to scale back the UK presence to levels similar to those committed by other Nato member states.

    The anticipated acceleration of the withdrawal, at a time when commanders have warned the nation to steel itself for decades of bloody fighting against the Taliban, is the first time officials have admitted that there is a timetable for a British exit.
  2. He said he would raise them, he says he will lower them; obviously he's going to keep them the same..
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    If its true, then good. We need to get out of that sh1t hole and out of this bogus War.
  4. Gordon Brown will be out of office and out of power by May 2010. Conservative Govt has strongly supported Iraq Invasion and Helmand Deployment 2006 and more importantly slavishly follows US foreign policy, (Blue Lapdogs?). Don't expect any change in Afg unless Obama signals a change of direction. If Obama is brave enough and ahead enough in the polls he MIGHT take a 5 to 7 year view on all this. US troops and aircrew have greater levels of protection on Afg due to better kit, they will lose fewer troops in proportion and don't have a town called Wootton Bassett.

    Brown is just trying to appease voters ahead of a general election in May. The British public is already lost regarding Afghanistan, but hey, since when did politicians listen to the people? This is just politics.
  5. Doubt this will happen to be honest, as said its Gordon playing politics to gain support, if anything i would reckon troop numbers are off to increase, Canada want to pull out (doubt any other NATO members are off to fill the gap, so Britain and America will fill it) and generals are calling for more feet on the ground.
  6. I would not be so sure (apart from the Wootton Bassett one). Things aren't so different as you might think.
  7. ................and who'd be looking forward to locking the barrier at the last FOB prior to being in the last packet enroute to BASTION?
  8. This is a report I would take with a very large measure of salt!
    After reading the article, in todays Telegraph, and looking at the commitment of other NATO Countries, I can't help but think that we are going to be commited to that country for a very long time.
    This would be regardless of who was sitting at No 10.
  9. Just what I said in another thread. Broone is trying to appease the pacifist and marxist wings of this Party in order to head off any left-wing up-rising through the Autumn. His best case scenario is that it wins Parliamentary support and secures a strong anti-war vote in the election - if he wins (!!!!) he can always fudge the issue. Troop reductions in 'Stan = massive cuts in the defence budget, which would be a bonus for Labour as they belatedly try to balance the books. Let's call this the Broone deception.

    If the election is lost, then Labour will adopt a more traditional anti-war stance in opposition, claiming they would have reduced troop number significantly. For sake of argument we should call this the Mandelson finesse.
  10. Beautifully summarised, Sir!

    I like the "Mandelson finesse" phrase!

  11. Hmmm! is Broon the re-born "Grand old Duke of York"?, marching his troops up the hill then down again, ad-nauseam. :?: :?: :?:
  12. He can say whatever he likes, by this time next year he will be trawling through the Grauniad looking for jobs with a strong requirement for half-wittery.