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I applied for the BTP in Aug 06 because there were no police forces recruiting in my area, I filled the form in and then sent it off by 03 Aug 06,
I had heard nothing until I rang them this morning, the reply back was that I had passed the initial paper sift (fantastic), I then asked when i was likely to be given a place at the assessment centre the reply back "Oh within the next 18 Months" is there anyone else in this position or is there anyone who has had to wait longer, The good news is that my local police are recruiting as from Monday so out with the BTP and in with my local force.
In my opinion mate, if you have passed the paper sift for the BTP stick with it. Some local forces are taking 2 years plus to accept applicants and im pretty sure you can transfer from the BTP to a local force too later on in your career.


The force that i am going to apply for on monday has their assessment day in March and looking to start training in July / August.
I applyed to my force back in june, it was august until i heard i'd passed the paper sift, it was then september until my initial interview and fitness test. Nov was my assessment day.
All that was passed ok but won't start training until this summer sometime.

All these timings can vary dependent on force/vacancies etc so hold in there. It can be a year after doing the assesment day to starting training so be prepared.
I left the army in Dec so it was a bit worrying before hand trying to get everything passed before i left.
Good luck


Got the call on monday telling me that i had passed the paper sift for Lancashire Police and that i am on the assessment centre 22 March, great news :thumright:
If i had stayed with the BTP i would not be hearing from them for at least 12 months.


You'll not go wrong in Lancs mate. I've a couple of mates over there and they love it. Well done.

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