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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TSLL_2005, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. I'm a civvy copper, just come back to the TA after a break of a couple of years.

    When I was in before I was in the Met Police - who I thought were great when it comes to time off for weekends and Camps etc; but since then I have transferred to BTP (I don't know why either?) and cant find anything on their intranet with regards to special leave etc.

    Are there any other BTP / TA out there that can advise me on what I'm entitled to etc as our Area HR haven't a clue. I have been told I get two weeks special leave but also that I get nothing.

    Whilst on the subject, has anyone been mobilised and how does it work with the drop to Army Pay when it comes to bills, mortgage etc.

    Any help or advice much appreciated please!!!
  2. You transferred for the free rail card, stop kidding us on.
  3. No chance

    They're so tight - I got more free travel in the Met
  4. A Home Office Circular (can't remember which one, but it goes back to the 1980s) recommended that Chief Constables allow two weeks Special Leave for annual camp and two or three weekends for training a year. Most Home Office forces honour this, although, of course, BTP isn't strictly a Home Office force.
    I suggest you contact the Chief Constable's office and ask if BTP receive (and act upon) Home Office Circulars. If they do, search the index for "Reserve Forces" and you should find it and fight your case from there.
  5. no body else sad enough to admit to being in the railway militia?
  6. im actually considering join them! what do you reckon?
  7. Join the Real Police mate - and if you want to stay in the TA, I take it you are TA, they will sh*ft you.

    I was in the Met and they were Fab with time off for TA, there is a proper policy stating you get up tp an extra 19 days off a year paid. Thats the same with all Home office Forces.

    BTP, because they can, ignore Home Office guidlines and give you nothing!!! I transferred across on duff advice that I retained my benifits. Now I'm in a griefy argument with FHQ over being lied to and being entitled to nothing.

    The insult of it all..... They told me only civvies and PCSOs in BTPare entitled to two weeks paid Reserve Forces leave. CNUTS!!
  8. While it might seem tempting.............. no! :)
  9. TA will step up your pay to match that of civvy job when mobilised
  10. cheers for the advice mate
  11. Evenin,

    I was looking at joining the police, I was advised by loads of serving coppers to join BTP in central London* - apparently there's loads of overtime available, new kit on tap and quite a few other bonuses as it's all getting extra funding by Transport For London. Think they needed to look good for the Olympic bid!

    * Probably as they didn't want me serving with them! :D

  12. TA will step up your pay to match that of civvy job when mobilised

    Still owe me £10k from Telic 1 CNUTS

    Bitter ME
  13. Im sorry but havent the BTP got the worst sick rate of any force in the country? I work on ze railway and we have given up with the BTP (Be There Possibly) is it true they are being rebranded Olympic Flame because they never go out? TSLL_2005 your making a good decision going back to the Met, at least they turn up when requested, granted they may overreact and bring the Parachute regiment with them to eject a fare evader from a train but as the saying goes "its better to have a gun and not need one than to need a gun and not have one"
  14. BTP - all t wats. Used to live next door to one - a soft, hat, mincer of a bloke who couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding. Spent his time making everybody's life a misery with his "I'm the local copper" s hit. Rest of the time he was on the sick - lazy waste of rations. Once rang the MPs of my unit as he reckoned too much noise was coming from my gaff. K nob continued to ponce around until he got filled in (shame).