British transport police are they all ******* useless?


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Mersey Tunnel police are normally just cone technicians but when they did 'pest control' they were taken to task for it. Put an artic across the road as two juvenille car thieves ' well known to Merseyside police custody officers' enetered the Wirral entrance and they did this at the Liverpool end. Killed them outright but according to their mothers they were good lads who loved their granny.

'The Police service was heavily criticised by the Merseyside coroner for its handling of a pursuit in which two 14-year-old boys were killed in 2003 after crashing a stolen car into a roadblock set up by Mersey Tunnels officers. The coroner went so far as to recommend that either the policing of the tunnel should be altogether transferred to Merseyside Police, or tunnel officers should be trained to national policing standards.[' from wiki.

Merseyside probably didn't want it as one of the things that MTP carry in their vehicles is BA set ala fire service and all police officers are BA qualified.
Yes, why not? A civvies catch crim, civilians take law into their own hands thread.
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In SA railway police were known as a stasie blompot - station plant pot. Generally a bunch of fat idle useless buggers employed to occupy space, until they were disbanded.

At one of the skydiving nationals in Vryheid in the '80s, a pissed up local jumper wound up one of the fat fookers and got shot for his trouble. Probably too fat and lazy to engage in a foot chase.
If a Japie Railway Inspector hadn't slung off a certain Mr Ghandi from a train for being in the wrong compartment we might still have a British Empire. F*cking boneheads.

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