British Tourists trapped in Tunisia

Maybe we should send an aircraft carrier to extract them.....Wait one....Dave? How many aircraft carriers have we got?
My mate works out there. Last night his Facebook status said "is annoyed. Continuing gunfire is interrupting James Bond!" his latest posts arent so jolly.
They are not trapped as such,many have chosen to stay,or will be leaving within th next few days.
Be interesting to see how they leave considering the country's airspace is closed and the army are blocking the airports...

...I'm annoyed because it has almost certainly destroyed a very juicy deal I was due to close there in May. Chances are the communists and the islamists will now have a power struggle to see who gets a chance to become a kleptocrat.

Edit to add: only Tunis and main city airports are closed, the airport at the tourist resort of Monastir is still open and taking flights.
shame the president managed to get out and wasn't strung up.
its been brewing for years


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I head a woman talking on the news earlier

"We could hear what sounded like gunfire outside the hotel but we just stayed put until we were told it was time to go - the hotel facilities were still functioning as normal though"

Rather sounded like an RAF Regiment Operational Tour :)

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