British toops step in to hold afghan airfield

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. The cartoons have had far reaching consequences.

  2. I think that our Norwegian friends indeed needed help. Only imagine that Norwegian troops would kill protesters (Norwegian newspapers reprinted the cartoons first). So we could see something like this in Moslem press: 'First they insulted us and when we protest we kill us'.

    British troops are neutral there because British newspapers haven't reprinted the cartoons (very wise behavior).
  3. At least we got there before a Russian Parachute Regiment this time :D

    Well done guys , stay safe.
  4. Russian paras?

    Either way they will still attack us 'infidels' I think the sitation has brought other issues up, so sort of destressing them it appears to be the Afghan police that have killed some of them.
  5. He's talking about Pristina..........or was that a waaah!??
  6. Afghanistan? No, no. If you waited for Russian paras then it was in vain.

    Few years ago I head one Russian general on TV. He said about his conversation with a Briton. The Brit made a question: why you Russians hadn't asked us about Afghanistan? It is so terrible place. We captured many countries but were unable to establish full control over this land.
  7. Scene: A Danish Newspaper Office

    Cartoonist: Boss I want you to print these cartoons for me.

    Editor: Feck off, I'm not going to start WW3 for you!

    Oh, if only...
  8. Not really, after all they were there years before us :D
  9. :lol: like the russians you got there first .