British told to leave

FCO say leave.
MoD say go.


what about those human shield "volunteers" are they there yet ?  :mad: traitors !  fuk them . the sooner they are nuked off the planet the better , no more DSS payments tot hose scrougers
no more DSS payments tot hose scrougers

You'll probably find that they haven't told the DSS that they are on their way and they are still claiming benifit... scroungers !!


Yes the human shield voulanteers are there so are the idiots who won't leave the country who work there!

I say let the idiots on the bus be human shields if they wish but like the fools who won't leave their 'oh so important jobs' stuff 'em!

Stiff upper lip and all that sh1t but don't expect the forces to put anyone in danger just because thay are too fcuking stoopid to get out when the going is good!
Human Shields will fall when hit!

At the target to your front - go on!

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