British Telecom

Seems pretty rational to me to be honest. I can't stand the cnuts ringing me....
At least you can tell BT to stop ringing and they will.

Ever tried getting those sales firms to get lost? Not a chance. Had a call the other day asking me if I would like free life insurance! This was because I had subscribed to a teen pregnancy magazine! I politly told them, that I was a bloke and my three children were not yet teens and their mother, whilst young looking for her age was a fair bit on from her teen years. At this point the girl on the other end became very apologetic and said they had had a few problems with the database and she would remove my name. 20 minutes later, phone rings..yes same mag, different girl :roll: . It could have been worse he wife could have answered. 8O

Get yourself registered on the telephone preference service. I had 99.9% of nuisance calls discontinued after that.

Apart from Mint Mobile of Selby in Yorkshire-bunch of cnuts.......
Can take up to three months for that to kick in as the companies dont check the list every 5 mins, but well worth doing.

After three months phone up / email tps and report the beggers :evil:
Onceyou sign up and get unwanted call's from sales firms just mention you've signed up for TPS and watch them backpaddleand put the phone down :D
Get yourself registered on the telephone preference service. I had 99.9% of nuisance calls discontinued after that.

Maybe TM you should post this has a tread, it could help many
If anyone calls you after 3 months be sure to report them they'll get a £5k fine. Also if anyone get's junk faxes at work there's a fax preference service as well.
Not necessarily Wedgy,

I have yet to receive an update of a complaint I submitted at the end of March. The registration DOES work in reducing the amount of calls but what happens if a company breaches this code of conduct is beyond me. They have to explain themselves and remove the complaintant's details from their records but beyond that, I'm not sure....
tps only works for companies in the uk , so if they are from abroad or the company re routes the calls from the uk to abroad and back into the uk they can get around TPS .
Appologies then the matelot if that's the case, it's just where I'm working at the moment has a cold calling department and they have to cleanse the data once a month (and belive me the bosses are hot on it) to avoid a £5k fine if a complaint's made. It might just be the threat of a fine and the bosses exagerating but still worth bearing in mind.

Also just looked up the FPS number if anyone needs it, it's 0845 0700 702
If I have nothing better to do, I like to let these sales persons think they're onto a winner... Be nice to them, ask them relevant questions about their services (let's say conservatories), tell them you're interested in a moderately sized model with underfloor heating (by now you can emagine the £ signs in the sales person's eyes). Keep them going for as long as possible without committing to anything, then let it slip that you live on the 1st floor of an appartment block. If they're really dumb, and they haven't hung up by now, you can ask them if it can be installed on stilts. Turn the tables on them, waste their time. It's great fun :D

I admire your patience but my reaction to cold callers is not dissimilar to the link in the first post!!! I do have a whistle located beside my landline phone in my cabin on my new base for the first lucky coldcaller to ring it though..... :twisted: