British Telecom Continental....Scam from abroad.

Bit of a warning.

Sorry peeps, if this is the wrong forum.....if need be maybe it will get moved.

Staying at my Parents house this week while they are in and out of hospital and answered the phone twice to something that is of concern.

BT Continental or International.

Both calls came through about 20:00 and immediately a heavily accented Indian voice does a greeting " hello, we are..... "

" As part of our customer service we are contacting you to let you know you are qualified for a cheaper line rental from us "

" Your current line rental of £12.50 by direct debit has been changed to £5.00 as of immediate effect and an instruction has gone to the bank to cancel the existing direct debit "

" so there is disruption in service, we would you to confirm your debit details for the new contract "

MY reply was rather more colourful and explicit than his pidgeon English had prepared him for and the conversation ends at this point.

Quite possibly I am on BT's recordings being abusive, but I reckoned this was a load of shite....So I contacted BT today and got through to their Fraud Team.

A Mr Martin was the investigation Supervisor and took all the details, and confirmed that it was nothing part of BT, but they were targetting elderley customers and had knowledge of names, address and certain account details.

Keep an eye out.
most of bt's callcentre work is now in india,so it will be quite easy to sell on customer details for these scam merchants to use,also be wary of dodgy e-mails from bt? they look as they should until they ask you to fill in you're bank detils and card details this has been reported to bt security to informed me that these e-mails do the rounds daily
Scammers like this really pi55 me off, if they want to rob somebody at least have the ba11s to try it face to face instead of hiding behind a phone/e-mail.

Rant over!!!!

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