British Tele*

They really are *. I've been on the phone with their "engineers" all week becasue my broadband drops like a french whores knickers.

Knobber "can you turn off your antivirus and firewall so i can run some checks please Boney?"

Boney "They are off Knobber. The reason you cant do the test is becasue the broadband is down"

Knobber "Nope, i can definately see your modem, just double check them"

Boney "can you still see the modem Knobber?"

Knobber "Yep"

Boney "funny thing that, i've just pulled the plug out of the wall"

Knobber "I've never see it work disconnected before, certainly a strange fault"

Boney "* off Knobber". Hangs up.

Now the twats want me to take a day off work so they can send an engineer round, but cant confirm a time and it maybe between 9 and 4.

Sorry for the rant, but they really are *.

Yes they are.

Shot myself in the foot - had 512k Broad band...wanted to go to 1mb as the prices have dropped...phoned to upgrade. told "you are not a broadband customer",

i reply " yes i am, have been for months"

they reply "well u have been getting it for free then"

i said "D'oh, can we forget i phoned up? :D"

they said "nope"

so now i get 1.1mb for the monthly sum of £29.99 but they will not be charging me 7 months back pay.... :D


What type of modem is it boney? I used to have a speedtouch and the connection never worked properly on either (there were two).

Changed to a router with in built modem and everything was great.

Just an initial thought...
Stupid question - you tried changing your microfilter?

i had similar problem when i started on ADSL, and all your "other" devices are on Microfilters too?

Failing that - take the microfilters my old house it didnt work with the filters on...depends on the line quality....

worth mentioning - the microfilter that came "free" with my modem was knackered...ended up buying two from PC world (£12 each robbing bastrads)

Boney - I work in tech support for an ISP, and most 'drop outs' are caused by something within the home.

However, just to eliminate all possibilitys, have the modem plugged directly into the point on the wall and have every phone and every filter in the house unplugged aka "an isolation test".

If you're STILL getting no sync from the exchange, then its probably a line fault.

Believe it or not, but they're probably doing you a favour.

In Australia, if you escalate a line fault because your connection isnt working, if they find out that its something within your house which is causing the problems then they bill you...and its over $200 (about 80 or 90 quid) at a minimum.

Do an isolation test, see if it helps.

A few other things:

1) Have you recently switched telephone companies for your phone calls?
2) Have you recently had any new 'services' added onto your line, like call-waiting?
3) Have you recently had your phone disconnected?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're buggered because you may have lost your ADSL codes on your line and will need to be reprovisioned.

Oh yeah, you'd be amazed at how many times firewalls and antiviruses can cause your connection to shit itself...and sometimes (especially with that Norton's shite) it doesnt actually unblock ports unless you uninstall it...disabling it does **** all.

Then again, it could ALSO be these things causing the problem:

1) long extension cords (for the phone cable) can cause connectivity problems
2) having a cordless phone plugged into a microfilter can cause problems, they're not powerful enough to cope with it
3) your modem, phone cable or possibly (but the chance is remote) that your phone point is buggered. Try swapping phone cables, see if it helps (try checking for a dialtone by plugging a phone into it). If you have a mate thats got ADSL, try borrowing his modem.

Err...I think that about covers it :p :lol:
Thanks for the advice, i work in IT myself, which is why phoning someone in India with fault information starts to get frustrating. I covered all the home fault bases early. I've got a BT fella coming round on thursday to hopefully sort it. Found out today that the've been buggering around with the exchange interconnections locally to try and enable broadband for the rest of the camp. The time scale of their work is suspiciously similar to my fault. Funny that. Bastards :evil:
It took me six months to get the * at BT to come around and get my Broadband working in the first place.
In my case, the snag was a noise filter installed in my line. Portsmouth is Overlooked by Portdown High Intensity Radio Transmission Area, and as a result many phonelines have these radio frequency noise filters. The characteristics of the filters are such that they block the frequencies that carry BB along the lines.
That is what the engineer told me. My personal suspicion is that he always carried a filter around with him to wave at householders, for when he discovered that BT had forgotten to connect them at the exchange. :roll:
Boney - ahhh fair enough mate, I'm preaching to the choir :D

Oh yeah, if you've installed SP2 recently that could also be buggering it up, but it sounds more likely that its a line fault

Mr Happy

You'll be pleased to know that in Germany we have similar problems with handy providers and DSL providers. Only we pay 50% less.


Mr H

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