British tax payers to fund prison in Nigeria.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JJ_Wrinkly_Old_Git, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Potentially a very good thing.

    However, I'm concerned that we might be spending money, but not having any control over the prison. If the Nigerians don't maintain the prison to western standards, we'll be back to where we started.
  2. What's wrong with that?

    We fund half the fuckers over here with benefits.
  3. Actually I think its a good start.
    I would like to see more built, infact I would like to see us build huge prisons somewhere like Sierre Leone and restart transportation.
    Build prisons aboad and offer tinpot little African nation a thousand quid a head to take all the undesirables.
    For a start we could move all accomadation for failed asylum seekers offshore. That way we dole out foreign aid in a manner that helps ourselves.
    All those senstenced to jail time but not actually British can serve their time there and we don't have the issue of getting rid of them when their time is up.
  4. Don't bother jailing them in the first place. Amputate a hand them send them straight home. When there are enough one handed criminals walking around the streets of Lagos, Nigerians might stop coming to Britain to commit crime.

    What do you mean I'm in a bad mood this morning? :twisted:
  5. Fuck it. Let's just gas the cunts! :lol:
  6. Make sure they repay the benefits 1st though :roll:

    Yet again thanks to this spineless Government :evil: were assisting other countries first before we priorities our own problems,

    Mind you MP's are too busy on their 82 day holidays to give a monkeys :evil:
  7. Total bullsh1t. Does anyone really believe the money will go on the prison? Then even if it does does anyone believe they will take any crims off our hands. More crap from crap people.
  8. Just checked population of Nigeria 200,000,000 + !!!!!!!!! as of 2006. Four times the population of Great Britain. Just stick them on a plane / boat home. Hand over to their officials on arrival, let them decide. Definatly dont pay for the building of prisons.They are an Oil rich Nation and have more in the bank than G.B. What with all the prizes they tell us we have won.
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This could be a good idea if used properly. We build the prison and call it a British nick. Then all those Nigerians claiming asylum can be sent there as they are being sent to a British prison - result. Britain emptied of one lot of asylum seekers.

    Now how about building prisons in Pakistan/Somalia/all the Balkan countries?
  10. It was stated on the news (BBC) that one of the reasons was because Nigerian prisoners could not be sent home to serve their sentences due to inadequate facilities. Build prison, deport prisoners, maybe even send some of our "home grown" for a lie down.
  11. i would prefer siberia as a location for a prison
  12. It's a cunning plan. We send them to Nigeria, to a prison that's state of the art in all ways except one... they can escape easily. They turn up, do a runner and we save money. If they come back, we should castrate the feckers.
  13. How about the Deep South Falkland Island so the RN can use them for target practice, as already stated the country is oil rich but this Government yet still sending taxpayers funds to these countries,

    Mind you the tax payer pays for eveything else thanks to this Government it's just adds to the list