British Tanker Seized By Somali Pirates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Right! Thats it then! The gloves are off! Time for action! Lets send the Navy. Dont have a task force any more? Ships not armed? Oh. Ok lets bomb the b'stards. What? Foggy? Oh. Now for the army then! Right form up lads. Lads? Where are you all?. Bugger this is getting monotonous, how about the TA? Disbanded you say? Underfunded? Not enough guys as all supporting the regulars wherever they are? Hmm things ARE a bit dire. What about the ACF? Excellent choice - they only have blank ammo and so cant cause international outrage by killing anyone.
  2. Well it's a very difficult choice now. Do we send the sole remaining gunboat after the Somali pirates or do we instruct the captain to drive up the Yangtze and shell Shanghai and a few other towns on the way?
  3. But ask for volunteers as the ACF are no longer paid their 21 days a year LOL!
  4. I think they're beginning to take the michael now! Holding two British Citizens hostage & now taking a ship sailing under out flag!

    I opt for we deal with these *******, a quick victory; it'll be over by Christmas & then on to sort those Chinese out! We'll be having Hong Kong back as a starter for ten, thhhannnnkk quaw!
  5. Excuse my sarcasm but with GB in the seat I won't hold my breath on how he deals with this,

    UK policy: we don't negotiate with terrorists (oopss Pirates) but I suspect this won't be a quick fix before NYE, .
  6. We really should have a policy of recovering our citizens when taken hostage. A simple rule of us asking nicely the first time, and if not satisfied with the result we will make our displeasure felt.

    As for the boat, however.... I'm not so bothered.
  7. Bugger! That only leaves the Scouts and the Guides. Hang on, maybe we could bribe the Provos......
  8. Biggest surprise is that we actually have any british flagged merchant vessels.
  9. GB & PM still have 5 months left to get these auctioned off so don't count our blessings we'll have much of these left either :evil:

    I agree a hostage recovery policy would be a positive move by the HoP, however we must not forget the forthcoming election is a bigger priority for our MP's at the moment :x
  10. I heard there were no British crew on board. In that respect, who cares.
  11. thats correct however :wink: ,
    Its 26 crew hail from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Georgia, India, Turkey and the Philippines.

    However its only a matter of time before the UK is faced with a situation similar to this & what "proper" resources have we to deal :? everyone's too busy in the ME.
  12. Let Russia deal with it then. Their way with terrorists/pirates/anyone else they don't like is far more entertaining than ours anyway and when they've finished no-one else will have to worry about pirates for a long time.
  13. Boy's brigade on 12 hour notice to move
  14. Can't we just say fukc the P.C brigade and all the bleeding hearts and send in the SBS/Marines? Are we so frightened of public opinion we can't stand up for ourselves?