British Taliban detained in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by postman_twit, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Should of slotted the twats, now 'uman rights will take over.
  2. Cue a very short trial under Afghan law followed by their release due to judicial incompetence.
  3. I can imagine a year or so in an airconditioned cell with regualr meals whislt being championed by Phil Shiner and then top of the UK housing list and a life of benefits. Whats not to like??? Possibly a book or two - has the title Jihad been used yet?
  4. Sadly I think you're right.
  5. Saving the Mods a job. For some reason Mr S***** doesn't like Arrse.
  6. The man was probably visiting relatives or perhaps attending a computer course. C'mon give the fella a break.
  7. Do any judicial types out there know if these two can be tried for high treason?
  8. The only time these two will see the inside of a court is when the sue the MOD for false imprisonment and war crimes.
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  9. As much as I would like to disagree with you, I am afraid that will be the truth of it. Personally I think Traitors Gate is a widely under used resource.
  10. The article in the Sun says "they were dressed in Afghan clothes". If clothes worn are an indicator of being a Taliban fighter most UK towns and cities are occupied by Taliban fighters.
  11. Yeah it has its about an alleged UKSF guy fighting with the Mujahideen in afghan in the eighties.
  12. Its true. sarcasm really IS the lowest form of wit:)
  13. So I can type ****, **** gloopy vagina, motherfucking cuntwhorebucket however the system blanks out the name Phil Shiner - how the hell does that work....?
  14. If only, its written by Tom Carew full title Is JIHAD secret war in afghanistan. Now back on thread they shouldnt be allowed to return to the UK ever *****.