British Suicide bomber Video

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ironrations, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. Just seen it on Sky news, courtesy of Al-Jazerra.

    I guess that puts all the "Community Leaders" who refused to believe this was a Islamic Attack into a confused state.

    Should we expect a trickle of these videos over the next few weeks?
  2. Indeed. And Prime Ministers' who said there was no connection between these atrocities and Iraq.
  3. First casualty will be the Christian state and their lack of understanding of the Islamic point of view backed up by the bleeding hearts who think we (subjects) of the UK are guilty of a religious attack on Islam (Iraq, Afganistan, ETC).

  4. I'm getting slightly tired of the Iraq excuse.

    Can somebody explain to me why (1) radical Muslims are so worked up about the removal of a secular tyrant who had previously made war on two other co-religionist countries, and where now (2) all of the killing of Muslims is by, you guessed it, other Muslims? Much the same argument could be made of Afghanistan where women are now allowed access to education and roads are being built and where medieval tyrants have been ousted.

    Oh, that's right, it's not the real reason. They hate us, they want to kill us and they are freakin' nuts. We could withdraw tomorrow and they'd still bomb us with a brand new excuse. It's a tired argument, but where was the American army on 9/11? Not in Iraq, but by invitation in the Saudi "Holy Places."

    It's getting a bit Neville Chamberlain around here: "If we let silly little Mr. Hitler have the Sudetenland he'll just stop and leave us alone."

  5. Veg,

    Some good points. These fundamentalists will only be happy when our women all wear yashmaks, our girls are denied education and anything that is remotely fun is outlawed. They see the christian/secular western world as the enemy and will continue to do so, whether we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan or not (not sure who they will peddle their opium to then though!). Moreover, individuals such as Mohammad Sidique Khan, enjoy the protection, the freedoms and economic and social benefits that our society bestows and then attack us from within. That is treason in my eyes and we should weed out and expunge such perpetrators of violence and hatred. They and their families should be deported back to where they came from - see how that like living in an intollerant and economically stifled society. Keeping their families clothed and fed should occupy them sufficiently to leave little time for plotting terrorist activities.


  6. I see the reported brainwashing had worked well. Quite early into the july bombings investigation it was reported that 'visitors' had been showing them videos of war in Islamic countires and news footage of Abu-Graib prison. Al lof these feature heavily in the speech given by the weak minded fool. The inability of Islam to argue about itself without those doing the questioning suffering from being osticised from the wider community make it relativly easy for those who wish to exploit whoever they wish to operate.
  7. It seems that he can use the excuse that we are all responsible for the actions of our democratically elected government (his democratically elected government too I'd like to point out), and as such are legitimate targets because of the bombing, gasing and killing of muslims, although it has been pointed out that most of the killing, bombing and all of the gasing has been done by other muslims. If they want to be part of this scociety they also have to take responsibility as they also have a vote. I have never seen it written anywhere that if you don't like the result of an election you can take it upon yourself to kill, injure and maim other innocent members of society. That's exactly what's happening in Iraq. People who don't want to take part in the democratic process and opting out with violence against innocent people. If that's their version of democratic polotics they are not really showing themselves as being in any way civilized.

    Anyone who thinks that their 'god' would condone such actions and reward them with a place in 'paradise' have to have lost it and need locking up anyway.

    Of course, if they don't want to be part of scociety because they are not happy with the results of elections, how the country treats their chosen 'cause' or the country's foriegn policy...... they know where the 'exits' are, but won't take them because if you are going to be a radical you might as well be a radical in comfort and the national health system huh?

    If we blame ALL suicide bombings on ALL muslims in this country we'd never hear the end of it with society being classed as racist. They are using the same 'carte blanche' excuse to blame the whole of society for the parts of policy that they don't like and it's up to the muslim community to raise their voice in condemnation of such attitudes.
  8. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine? Back and fund far right christian/jewish groups and enable them to blow up Mosques and innocent members of the Saudi Royal Family.

    Could have a nice slogan such as 'Jeruselem for Jews' etc.

  9. I don't think there would be much grief show for members of the Saudi royal family.
  10. Well lets all pray to our gods that there will be a few more stampedes on bridges. Very cost effective.
  11. The text in full:

    There was then a second part:

    Pretty clear to me that this (deceased) man, whilst not mad, was certainly committed to the fact that the lifestyle and society in which he was raised and lived for his entire life, is anathama to his beliefs. It certainly puts to right the misconception that leaving Iraq would end the attacks, as he makes clear his (and his fellow believers) belief, that western society is depraved and therefore to be destroyed. Certainly, the Sept 11 attacks were carried out punish America for being America!

    What i found shocking about his speech is how well constructed and coherent were his reasons, although, the lack of named "atrocities" is interesting.

    These people are amoungst us and until we (and the muslim community) face the reality that there is now a growing minority of islamic fifth columunist who are committed to destroy the British society that so many of us take for granted, the sooner we can rejected failed multi-culturalism and demand a more assimulation approach to our immigrants.
  12. Not exactly helpful.

    Whilst you (and i) may disagree with their politics and beliefs, how humane is it to mock the death of over 800 innocents?

  13. No, you are the worst sort of coward. Rot in hell.

    Amazingly, Jack Straw was on the BBC News claiming again that there was no connection whatever with Bliar's policy on Iraq. Watching the clips of the bomber and Straw, it is difficult to tell which is the most misguided and brainwashed.
  14. I did want to sit here and construct an eloquent argument and pick apart his 'speach' exploring his reasoning but in all honesty I can't, the bloke is obviously a deluded fool, being used himself in the "predictable propaganda machine." My belief, I'm sure like many of you on this board, is that if you wish to behave in such a manner, you should accept the concequences of your actions. If you get caught, expect a charge of treason (which still carries the dealth penalty in the UK), I would happily take the time out of my day to send you to meet your maker.

    Don't count on there being any virgins there either, they've all been sha**ed silly by members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces.
  15. The gassing accusation is rather peculiar, it's not one of their usual claims is it?.

    Experts are trying to ascertain where the film was made. This, combined with some of his acquaintances saying he didn't look the same as the time of the bombing, suggests that it may be from his time in Pakistan.