British Steel helmet WW1 or WW2 ?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by spiffy, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. I bought at auction a Brit Steel helmet, having given it a good clean and got the leather fitting supple again it looks OK. The are no makers marks I can see. The edge has a rim put over it and there are 2 rivits either side of the dome to hold the strap attachments and a screw in the top of the helmet that goes through and holds all the fittings in place. There is a small Blue (black ?) Yellow Red flag painted on the side. Can anyone tell me if this is WW1 or WW2 helmet.

    I'll try and get a couple of pics up later.




  2. sounds like WW2...

    is the rim crimpt over and has a slit/gap on the rear rim?
    The flag could be that of the belgium army.
  3. Thanks, the rim is crimped on and there is the slit at rear where the ends join.
  4. Think its post-war (WW2) Belgian mate
  5. def agree with maple,,post wwii belgium army...
  6. Thanks Gents, only paid £17 so no problems.
  7. Looking at the pics its looking like Belgishe.

    Belguim mk2 late 1940s early 1950s.....
    has it got "ABL" (ARMEE BELGISHE LEGER) stamped in the shell or on the inner band? this would confirm the belguim made ....other wise it could be a british origanal helmet put to belgice use, but still a fair buy for £17. :cyclopsani:
  8. Can't see any markings anywhere.
  9. The WW1 Brodie Helmet is round whereas the WW2 helmets are slightly oval most WW1 helmets do not have the turned over safe edge rim.
  10. yeah I agree that it is a Belgian one WW2 era, or post WW2...but as you said its only £17 which is quite good for a helmet in that condition (even after you cleaned it!)
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    It's Belgique. May have been british in origin, but re-issued to the Belgies.

    Pointers for the WW1 british helmets are oval shape, slight ridges in dome, rivets on strap attatchment points (if liner not present). Liner will be netting and rexine (oilcloth) with a felt pad in the crown, possible rubber ring in the crown also and a leather chin strap. The first helmets had no rim and a sharp edge to a rim was added later. Sharp edge type are quite rare. Paint may range from eggshell finish brown, grey/blue, apple green, may also have a non-reflecticve finish by a sprinkling of sawdust into the paint.

    I'm not an authority, so all you helmet spotters feel free to correct me.