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British standard for gunsafes BS7558/92

Anybody know what the tools and method of attack are that the safe has to resist?

I'm too tight to shell out for the standard.
tropper66 said:
I got a three rifle box in my shed you can have if you want it ,I am in south wales
Kind of you but I'm probably going to have to make something to fit the available space and I want to check that the end product will have the same level of resistance to attack as the BS standard says. The standard's £40 but if I can avoid paying for it I will!

You could auction the box on here for the "Help them out" fund though if you don't need it - just a thought.

Thanks for the offer!
Ask your FEO - if he doesn't know the BS, then you won't have to worry about complying! Seriously, I've never met one plod who had the slightest interest in cabinet level of defence. I use a mix of Brattensounds and some old 1970s tin jobbies - it all seems to pass muster.

Why not email Brattonsound? - say you are interested in buying a large number of cabinets, but have a question about the BS criteria....
Sorry lads it looks a bit naf it has been stood in the corner in my shed about 8 years and is in a very poor condition hardly worth traveling down for unless you live round here, I'd forgotten how long it was there

found 2 fishing rods and the pistol grip for a Dan Weeson .44 though. must go in my shed more
no worries..i've put a message out to the other bloke to see what he says about the condition....worth a try though...thanks :wink:

The following link may shed some light on the subject for you:


Annex A starting on page 31 is probably the most relevant bit.

Although published in 2005 I think it is still current.

I may be wrong but I think the law requires firearms to be kept "secure" and that technically a cabinet is not a legal requirement although most constabularies will expect licence holders to have one,
My Safe is a home made version with a decent 5 lever lock welded inside and a door handle on the front. Its made from 3 mm thick steel and is bolted on with 6 big bloody bolts. The coppers have inspected it in my last 3 houses and have been more than happy. The rules for Firearms might be a bit more strict than shotguns Im not sure. I Picked it up on e-bay for £50. You dont need to worry as long as it cant be jimmied open and there are no spaces between the cabinet and the wall i.e. skirting boards if its in an inside room. Keep looking on e-bay mate, there are usually a few bargains to be had.
i've got a locksmiths shop in the midlands, sold a few before, 7 lever locks, same as a safe, could sell you a new one but the best place has to be ebay for a cheap barginif you know what ur lookin for, if ur intersted in a new one drop me an email


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