British Squaddies-More with Less?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by spike7451, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Seeing pictures of US Soldiers on the TV & what made me curious is the amout of kit they carry! Compared to what the 'average' British Squaddie carries, do they need it?I mean a M16A 'whatever' with extra handles,sights,ect hanging off it.Knee pads & other Gucchi Kit is it needed considering the Brit Squaddie does more without all that extra cr*p.
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Christ - I'd really hope I wouldn't lug around that much all the time! Not mil, but seen the telly so know what you're on about, but have been doing a bit of a walkies with family and friends and our friendly yank compatriot must have been carrying about 3 times as much as us. Maybe it's a cultural thing...!
  3. We could do with having some more of that. The kit issue is getting good on things like goggles knee pads elbow pads boots etc etc. However Where are the 1 LLM between two we were promised. Or the 2 Minimi's and 2 UGL per section. Where is our lightweight replacement for the CWS because i'll be fucked if they reckon the monacle (Which we havent got enough of) can do the same job. Why has the body armour got heavier in an age when it should be getting lighter. At the moment they haven't got the kit right but they are working on it. Finally!
  4. Bad crow , it must be your unit mate . My mob are off on telic 8 in a few weeks we have an LLM each ,
    3 minimis per troop and 2 UGL's per troop .The kit issue is spot on as well .
  5. BBear I get you on the Americans having lots of kit argument. Just travelling with them, they bring about an ambulances worth of medical supplies. Although to be fair I can see their point, if I fell down a cliff or was run down by a car or whatever in a third world country and needed a blood transfusion or other jabbing, I'd hardly appreciate being patient no. 172 that needle has been used on!

    Bad Crow sounds like hes got it right. Items like PRR, night vision, LLMs are extra kit to lug around but I wouldnt want to be the one who tried to take them away from frontline troops! As for all the other baggage, just introduce it on trials, on Telic or Herrick if poss. The blokes who have to use it for real are in the best situ to know if its useful or not. They'll vote with their feet - if its the kit that is always being scrounged then its a success and should be made general issue, if it always gets left behind in the CQs wagon or wherever, then obviously its not needed/not up to scratch...

    Equipment should not stand still either. Just because somethings good enough today doesn't mean that there shouldnt be a unit somewhere looking at what else is coming on the market or becoming available with new technology and tinkering with the current kit to get more out of it. It should be constant improvement rather than a sweeping change every 25 years or so.
  6. What mob are you in Paveway??? & For deployment that kind of kit came in half strength for us. (Both times) But for training we havent got any and had to lend ours from engineers!
  7. Good point Gook. My particular pet hate at the moment is that the army are happy with PRR even though in comparrison to £23 efforts from aldi its sh1t. They have a longer range, better battery life, more channels and clearer speech. If we had the man power to do a warminster thing and just sit and test kit all day everyday it would be an ideal option to find out whats hot and whats not before it gets to the troops who say no
  8. Yeh I had a mate who joined the RTR, ended up in Warminster, I thought that was what they basically did. I mean they play enemy and putting on demos but when you've got a sqn of tankies that get loads of field time like that, surely thats the best place to tinker and test stuff, whether it be tactics or radios or whatever. Then if it works ship some of it over to try on ops and if it gets the thumbs up, general issue. But as they're Armd and in the RAC, you'd need a similar group but inf based.

    Talking of Warminster I heard of a unit/training area in the US where they would have guys do basically the same "playing en" role as the tankies at Warminster, but they'd do it way more aggressively than the clerks and QMs staff you get playing en on a unit-run ex. They'd use Soviet tactics, doctrine and kit where possible - they'd modify their vehs to look like BTRs and wear Sov cammies. They'd have all the proper Orbat as well so it'd be basically a Sov brigade! Then all American army units would have to go there once a year or so, to prove they were fit for role. Everyone wore TESEX so it was clear who actually won and the ex wasnt scripted. Showed a lot of them up when they lost - and then of course the units had to improve for next time, so a good result out of it for fighting effectiveness. Now why don't we have a place like this?
  9. Not sure about PRR. I've always liked it but then again I've not tried the alternatives, so if you've used both then fair enough. Although doesn't PRR have a basic encryption that gargles your voice before sending, then your mates PRR degargles the signal before he hears it? Stops the enemy listening in - can probably be got around with electronics but by the time the en have done that, given that PRR is section chat at short range and the message is something like CHARLIE FIRE TEAM GO RIGHT FLANKING, its too much trouble and too late for them anyway.

    If you were going to use a Motorola you'd need to have the encryption added or you'd be at risk of someone just sitting there listening to everything you say. Alternatively just all learn Welsh and use that on the net, they'll never figure it out!
  10. Been reading Tom Clancy?
  11. We do... Its called BATUS. Or if that aint true enough. The GDC do a good enough job in Brecon
  12. I know BATUS is meant to be an outstanding training area but never realised there was a unit out there whose role was to beat our own units. Thought it was basically a bigger version of the unit run FTXs we get in the UK, but having a million acres of prarie it was more Armour friendly. There again I've never been!

    Not been on the receiving end of the GDC either. I'm sure they're damned professional but are they in-role as whoever happens to be the enemy of the day, and is a coy of Gurkhas enough Opfor for the whole British forces to be able to test themselves against? It probably doesn't do too much for the Armoured units or other arms like Cav and RA too, but with Challys and AS90 being left behind when units go on Telic I suppose thats not too much of a concern at the moment.

    And Tom Clancy? :eek: No ta... okay if you're from the midwest or the "bible belt" and believe everything the US Govt says without question but its a bit too patriotic "go USA!" for me :roll:
  13. The GDC put on a good show. & Between the Cav and the Light regiments the OPFOR normally prove to be the better side in BATUS. BATUS is very armour friendly but has plenty of dismounted fun and Pond Jump West is only round the corner if you really want wet feet!
  14. some kit is very good
    but new kit is always good
    like Night Vision for everyone would be good and things like that
    but more kit isnt always better, just means you run slower :) i smell a journo or not??????? :):)
  15. Pardon me I may sound think but whats a LLM