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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Predator_07, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. With regards to Special Forces how does it all work,is it a case of a Para/Marine completing training phase then applying to say SAS/SBS or is there some other way that it is all done.

    Also do you have to be a member of SAS/SBS to join SFSG or SRR,any help would be appreciated
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  5. Why are you asking? Become a soldier first and worry about selection for SF second (quite a long way second).

    Failing that there are any number of books written on SAS / SBS which will tell you who / how they are selected. The process has remained more or less unchanged over the years.
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  10. I've already served as a marine when i was younger and at the time never really considered looking into special force areas.But i have an intrest in serving again and would like to go for the top of the table this time and i'm just wondering is it a case of applying or getting picked
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  12. Just send a full CV to the RCMO of 49 Para and request a full information pack. I can't put the address on a public forum though, PM MDN for full details
  13. In that case you should know the answer to your question already, should'nt you Marine Golden :roll:
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    Then you know the entry route.
  15. Also is there anywhere to find out about how much the basic SF pay is etc