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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by REMEbrat, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Have British Special Forces always played a major role in ensuring victory in conflicts the British Army has fought in?
    I recently saw a documentary on the Falklands War and it talked about the Goose Green diversionary raid made by the SAS and how important it was in helping the British retake the Islands. I know during GW1
    (and probably GW2 also) the SAS and SBS played a vital role in operations within Iraq and Kuwait by severely limiting the capabilities of the Iraqi Army but have the British SF been instrumental in all conflicts fought?
  2. Yes

    Just to offer a different opinion.
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  6. Sorry, that information is covered by the Official Secrets Act, and copyrighted by HarperCollins.
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    They were on the balcony at Le Haye Sainte, granting them a critical role at Waterloo;
    Their heliborne raid into the heart of the Delhi fortress was instrumental in dismantling the Indian Mutiny;
    Alas, their failure to deactivate the Russian cannon balls before Balaclava spelled disaster for the Light Brigade

    Of course, this has all been hushed up.
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  10. Were Roger's Rangers SF?

    The Septics think so,I could never work out why the called one of their SF units after a BRITISH Army unit
  11. Depends who you ask? Since a lot of what special forces do is secret
    hard for an outsider to really know if what they did was vital ,a handy diversion which made things easier ,but,we would have won anyway
    Or a waste of resources which could have been used to do something else.
    No idea myself their still around so guess the rest of the army things they
    must be useful.
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