British soldiers take drugs and go to raves, too

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Knightwars4, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Clearly too drugged up, knackered or so indifferent that they don't respond to a thread about blindingly obvious.
  2. The many times Ive popped a few paracetomol to go to a rave to stop the banging headaches ... shall I write a book as well ? I'll call it the Nemisis Files !
  3. Stuart Griffiths. Cock.
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  4. princeh.jpg

    A paratrooper dressed as Prince Harry in 1991.


    Prince Harry dressed as a squaddie 1991.

    Can anyone else spot the difference?
  5. Great article. I particularly liked how much the bloke looked like a 7 year old (It says 1991) Prince Harry/Adolph Hitler.

    What a croc of shit.

    Mind you, you can never see enough of Donna Ewin...
  6. Was going to highlight Snail's point as well. Great bit of journalism.

    Soldiers take drugs & attend raves a startling revelation? Obviously never looked at a Jock regiment :)
  7. I'm outraged.

    Why can't I see this month's payslip on Armynet?

    I changed my bank details on JPA last week, will I soon be homeless?
  8. they were due to carry out interviews with guys from 3Scots but it was the Monday after RockNess and everyone was diffy
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