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British soldiers stress ‘soft posture’ in Iraq

By Monte Morin, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Monday, May 22, 2006

BASRA, Iraq — It was a scene rarely glimpsed in the U.S. Army — a two-star general walking foot patrol at night, in a dense, restive city, without a helmet.

Yet when the commander of British forces in Iraq visited Basra on the heels of two devastating attacks that claimed the lives of seven of his troops recently, not one soldier raised an eyebrow when Maj. Gen. John Cooper stepped from a tiny “Snatch” Land Rover, swapped his helmet for a wool tam-o’-shanter and trudged off to personally “smell the atmospherics” of this sprawling, trash-strewn city.
Love this quote...

“American soldiers are very good war fighters,” said Sgt. Major Andrew Raw, 34, a British soldier who helped train U.S. soldiers at Fort Benning over the last two years. “Yet when I would use the term ‘hearts and minds,’ I would lose them. You might as well have come out and said you were gay. I had to think of a different term to use.”


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