British Soldiers sieze rogue Iraqi police chief.


BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - British troops backed by tanks on Friday seized a leader of a rogue Iraqi police unit suspected of being behind the killing of 17 people in an ambush near the Iraqi city of Basra, the British military said.

Some 800 troops launched a pre-dawn raid on a house in a southern district of Basra and captured seven people, including a "significant" member of Basra's police Serious Crimes Unit.


Wel done lads & I'm glad & relieved that none of our lads were injured or worse!
Well done to one and all.

I realise it is a journalist's report but 800 men to assault a house?

Good job we haven't got to take Stalingrad!


Outer cordon, inner cordon and probably more that one location not to mention a sizable QRF (coy size?) would use up troops PDQ.
When you arrest a high profile target in Basra, trust me when I say that you want 800 men on the ground. And warrior, and chally 2.

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