British Soldiers off-duty attitude toward Muslims.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by deadc0de, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Found this in the Guardian today Wake up, the invisible front line..
    Towards the end there is this:
    I agree with the first part about coming from one front line to another but my blood boiled when I read The returning soldier may do more to reduce the threat of terrorism in Britain by his off-duty attitude to British Muslims in his home town than by anything he did, gun in hand, in Basra.

    This Guys got a dammed nerve talking about Soldiers 'off-duty' attitudes like that. Only in the Guardian.
    I've added a comment to the article. It will probably only provide entertainment for Guardian Grammar snobs though.
  2. His name is Timothy G. Ash, says it all really....
  3. I would of thought that it might be more likely to be the other way around. The attitude of British Muslims will do a lot more to prevent terrorism in Britain than the attitude of the British soldiers.
  4. Don't be silly. That would imply that they aren't innocent victims of an international conspiracy to destroy Islam.
  5. Correct, but not what the press want to be seen saying.... not very PC.
  6. Tiocfaidh ár lá :)
  7. I think you guys are being oversensitive - he's merely using the comment about soldiers doing more in the UK than Iraq to illustrate his point that we are in more danger of terrorism from the UK than Iraq. Nowhere else does he make any criticisms, and indeed says that Afghanistan is a war worth fighting.
    I'm sure I've seen similar comments made on this very forum to a generally positive response.
  8. I don't think he meant it the way you read it. He is making the point that Islamic terrorism in the UK can only be defeated in the UK not in Basra. True. I don't get from his piece that the actions of a soldier in the UK is significant; just that the attitude of all of us when we are "off duty" will form the opinions of the as yet uncommitted potential Islamists.
  9. Fair point. But off duty soldiers make up a small percentage of the population. How about the attitudes of everyone else or how their attitudes are influenced by the behavior of radical Islam in the UK?
    I detect a hint of snobbish squaddie-bashing when he says 'British soldiers 'off-duty' attitudes.
    Why not Professional attitudes? If he's alluding to our growing involvement in combating homegrown terrorism then surely that should be our professional attitude.
  10. He does mean it in the way you've read it. That's Timothy Garton Ash, for pete's sake, the Grauniad's pet senior foaming-left academic and no great friend to the sort of chap normally found on this board.
  11. What's wrong with generally good manners to all UK and non UK citizens, irrespective of origin, colour, creed, religion or orientation? We tend to focus on one particular group as they are the "victim of the month". Rather that do this, which can actually aggravate a situation, why not try to move ourselves towards a position of respect for all, starting with good manners, opening doors for women, looking after our children, and encouraging tolerance for all?
  12. Good manners to chavs, those immigrants that come here to sponge and commit crimes, single 15 year old sponging mothers and those too lazy too work? Why?
  13. Any man who sports a 'ginger glow' about his person is beneath contempt (in my humble opinion at least)


  14. All very interesting, but what's your point?

    Some muslims don't like the west.

    No fucking shit sherlock.

    Anything a bit more relavent?
  15. Oddly I thought it perfectly relevant. A 'journalist' has a snipe at squads, implying that their bad attitude towards some sections of society is a cause of ill-feeling and a possible desire on behalf of said section of society to fly aircraft into your office. The poster merely disagreed, and, in a move not usually noted on these pages, found some succinct and relevant quotations to back up his argument. Can't say fairer than that.