British Soldiers let down by Abuse inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by polyglory, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. There is a clear need to ensure that military standards and international law are met and that transgressors are punished.

    However, I find myself increasingly unsettled by the steady progression of soldiers having their day in court and it is hard not to suspect that the MoD and Army prosecutors view the possible guilt of soldiers in the same way that the police and Crown Prosecution Service view householders who tackle burglars.
  2. I am very uncomfortable that the driver does not appear to be justice but rather publicity for the political agenda.

    It seems to me that there are few criminal trials where the main thrust of the Attonery General's announcement is the naming of the accused in the most public manner possible.

    Won't be long before stocks are brought back for every high street.
  3. Is it possible, with all the 'naming and shaming' of alleged torturers that this is a political exercise trying to keep the lefties sweet ?

    ooooh look at how open we are, never mind that the war was actually founded on a lie and we sent them into this sh!tty situation in the 1st place but we'll punish em as soon and as openly as possible ?

    How is it that the Yanks arn't going through all of this ? Because they protect their soldiers who are doing a difficult job in uncertain circumstances ?
  4. One allegation from that story which I find surprising is:

    What do I know about it anyway, however it is my understanding that a small fold-out aide memoire on the Geneva Conventions has been standard issue for previous overseas operational deployments - part of everyone's bulging collection of aide memoires, extra IDs and language cards etc.

    As the MoD point out, such an aide memoire IS only a reminder of what all soldiers are taught annually, but it beats me why its issue should have been given such low priority in this of all operations.
  5. I have it on releiable info that any delay by the sybills in investigation is not due to the investigators but higher command who keep coming back with their own Sherlock Holmes ideas of 'could not this have happened or maybe this or perhaps that.
    Also, what is the supposed magic about some other set of investigators doing this sort of work - do we mean that same sort of teams that investigated Lawrence and a number of other f/ups.
  6. At least they may have investigated something more serious than a Pad's wife shoplifting in the NAAFI.
  7. As much as we rant and rave about it, innocent until proven guilty......however the red tops and the lefties had the guys hung, drawn and quartered before the trial began :roll:

    However, everything does stink abit to me especially the timing of this.

    Just remember, like the new pension scheme, anything the Government of today are trying to do for you, is not for your benefit but for theirs :evil:
  8. Part_time_Pongo,

    I knew i wasnt the only one with suspicions on the driving forces behind all of these allegations against UK forces.

  9. A wee tad harsh on the RMP and SIB....

    I think you will find that they are on the same side..and actually it is when the Higher Authories get involved that it goes wrong. This is often due to an inabilty to make a decision...

    Think Col Collins is clearly a bitter guy after being investigated on a couple of occasions ? We all know Civpol would be lost trying to investigate the army, that is if they are willing to deploy in the first place, having first handed in their nice suits for a set of CS95!!
  10. Don't worry - ClotPopMasturbate has a problem with monkeys uniformed and otherwise such that he cannot resist a lame-brain pop every so often. Perhaps one day he'll reveal just what lies behind his phobia although "miscarriage of justice" is possibly outside his vocabulary. Don't worry - we've heard 'stitched up' often enough.
  11. I still think the new mantra applies to all deployments:

    "It is better to be tried by 12, than to be carried by 6"

    I'll take my chances with Cherie prosecuting....after all, she might get the country wrong, and I would get off on a technicality!

    Seriously, we need to be completely accountable in these situations, but, I feel we are let down by the "civvy factor" - they think that what we do is like a playstation game, and do not understand the stress we are under, the fact that split second decisions have to be made that can result in the loss of life - either ours or theirs. What next - a would be suicide bomber suing us for the fact we shot him before he had a chance to detonate himself?