British soldiers cleared of tribal rapes..

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. British soldiers cleared of tribal rapes after £3m inquiry finds forged records
    Times Online

  2. That is absolutely unbelievable. 2187 false rape claims?

    Were they hoping for a mega compensation payout?
  3. I think the investigators smelt a rat when the Samburu tribesmen turned out to be Nigerian males, masquerading as men of the cloth/royalty/tribal elders, offering millions of pounds worth of gold,in exchange for a one off payment of 30K.
  4. You may be onto something there, T_T...
  5. Its those pesky no win no fee human rights legal carpet baggers
  6. then shouldnt these same ambulance chasers get the court bill for costs if the claim proves blatently false??

    notice the lie adjusters , oops sorry, lawers, never get censored or have anything to loose for these obvious fake time and money wasting claims.
  7. As I remember, our dear PTP prohibited any discussion on this matter (real or/and alleged rapes and related matters). If the ban han't been removed then I would not take part into the discussion.
  8. PTP's ban has been lifted Sergy as the case has been thrown out by the Court.

    An inquiry that has cost the British taxpayer more than £3 million has established that police records were forged with the connivance of senior Kenyan officers to support the claims.

    The findings represent a significant setback for Martyn Day, a British human rights lawyer, whose firm, Leigh Day & Co, compiled the rape allegations. Mr Day worked closely with Impact, a local non-governmental organisation that has been shunned by Western aid agencies because of concerns about alleged financial irregularities. Impact is said to have offered payments to several women who went on to claim that they were raped. Mr Day has been involved in a number of cases against the British Government in Kenya, including a recent attempt to win compensation for Mau Mau veterans alleging torture.

    He has been accused of feeding a compensation frenzy after winning several million pounds for alleged victims of unexploded ordnance left by the British Army. As many as 233 claimants shared £4.5 million in 2003, but admit openly that their claims were bogus and their wounds the result of activities unconnected with the British Army.,,3-2502529,00.html
  9. Dear AJ!

    I know, respect and understand the causes of this rule (not to discuss any alleged crime by British servecemen until court's ruling). I meant another ban - not to discuss alleged (or real) rapes, no matter what is the juridicial state of such cases.

    Also on this ground our dear PTP closed this thread

    So if a discussion of proved, confirmed rapes made in Vietnam by our American friends is not allowed then it would be unfair to discuss these Kenian allegations.
  10. Well aware as I am that amongst the 2000 claims there may have been some that were valid, it does show that once the 'free loaders' get on the band wagon, 'justice' for those who have been wronged gets thrown out with the baby.

    Or could it be that over 2000 women all just wanted the compo payout? Are there going to be any claims of false accusation? Can anyone in Kenya making a criminal claim be taken seriously ever again?
  11. Sergei, I'm concerned by your fixation with rape, and your unusual interest when it involves brits or yanks. Is anglo-rape some sort of fetish for you?
  12. Congrats to the team that lead the investigation! :D
  13. Its unfortunate if any guilty people have got away with it ,but,considering
    the debacle with the munitions compensation any other decision would be wrong.
    Thats supposing with 2000 claims some were genuine they may all
    be fake .Cant blame the women having a mixed race child by all accounts is considred a social stigma and if some lawyer turned up offering free money they would be foolish to turn it down.Glad the whole
    sorry busisness is over .Without any soldiers facing a witch hunt.
  14. i'm shocked. if 2187 false claims were indeed made, i would have expected at least 10% of those to have resulted in wrongful arrests by the RMP :)

    kidding, kidding. relax.
  15. They made it all up for the money? I'm shocked, whoever would have thought our largesse would be abused in such a way.

    I loved this bit...

    What's the betting there was a pile of 1950's police reports filled out with 1990's biros? :D
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