British soldiers and Britain(a simple squaddies observation)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by paveway_3, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. I for one am very proud of being a soldier in the British army , so much so i tend to look down
    on anybody who isnt in the forces.This is wrong i know but i dont care . Many of you will know the
    feeling you have when you finally get home from a tough tour , you have seen terrible things ,
    been involved in life threatening situations .You really do think the world owes you a living .
    Rightly so i say , nothing can compare to being in those situations with your mates and getting back to
    camp to tell the tale. When you get home to your civvie pals and family ,once the ''welcome home''mat
    been put away for another 18 months (overstretch you see).You find your old civvy mates are not
    really interested in how many IEDs you saw , how many rockets that were chucked at your lines or how hot
    /cold it was . To your civvy mates its just stories ,hollywood and fiction . They could never comprehend
    the feeling of panic when you can hear that that 107 whistling towards your corimec/tent .They would never
    know or understand the banter of a gang of squaddies stood outside the cookhouse tent at Al Amarah in the
    pouring rain .(it was a tent when i was there)

    To be a soldier in the British army is like being a member of a very special elite club , it has its own humour,
    it has its own language,it has its own pecking order, it has discipline (unless you are RLC at Gutersloh,
    then it has its own ghettoes :D ). We all slag off one and others regiments and corps , but if a civvy does it ,
    no matter what unit stand by .It is so true that the British Army is one of the last bastions of being BRITISH .
    It is slowly being eroded away by the PC brigade of this country , by the penny pinching MOD who ''strive for
    a leaner fitter army"" (yes complete bollax) .

    The old and bold keep saying ''well in my day'' etc etc .Well my worry is what the Army is going to be like tomorrow,
    i am not on about the tours etc etc thats our jobs that is what we joined up to do be it an ''illegal war'' or not . Its the
    very substance of being a British soldier a member of the finest fighting and peacekeeping force in the world that is
    ebbing away . Its not our faults , its the bollax soceity that is PC warm and cuddly, you cannot say that , you must not
    offend them , you cannot fly that flag . etc etc etc .


    That was a paveway_3 production sponsored by Becks gold and Chateau neuf du pape :wink:
  2. P3 Agree with you 100% mate!

    Maybe we should start force feeding those t**sers in parliment a few more Becks! (I wouldn't waste the CNP on them) :lol:
  3. So....pissed then?
  4. What we need is a war, Guardian and Independant readers vs The Mail and Express readers!
  5. P3 - nail on the head matey.

    I remember my cousin was going through part one about two years ago and my gran called me up to tell me the hardships and bullying he was being subjected too.
    I said "whats going on then"
    she said "apparently they shout at him and they get woken up at 7am every day!"
    I said "thats a lay in and they are teaching them to kill not be flower arrangers"

    but this conversation with my granny underlines what is wrong with the state of the country now, and PC tree huggers gone bananas.

    Spot on though P3.

  6. Could one not be started by going undercover on the respective newspapers websites and slating its readers in the your comment section.

    Who would be the best pair to set at each other. BBC and Sky news?
  7. Excellent! I appoint myself supreme commander of the Independent forces. Our vassals at the Guardian will be sent in to carry out a frontal assault codenamed "Operation Certain Dea....Victory".
  8. So what would be the best thing to start a major disagreement about, and which stereotypes should we reinforce?
  9. Have to agree wholeheartedly with P3 a not too regular contributor and one of the sad legions of ex-bill oddies (25 years in).......I do miss those backs against the wall and special humourous moments that we can all recount.....for what its worth, there are still an awful lot of the common public who value and apprecaite what it must be like to be a soldier in the current British Army. Don't get too dispirited by the lack of "popular" reported opinion in the news and soundbites form talking nob politicos - the vast rump of joe public love you(us).....

    get it right up em!
  10. Lets have your ''observations '' then guys !
  11. Excellent post,

    In their defence your average civvie has never and will never experience the joy, the misery, the heat, the cold, the pain, the madness, the sadness and the comedy your average tom can experience in even a short forces career.

    The Op Telic to tesco's in 24 hours experience (Oft quoted) strengthens this divide

    Soldiers (However much they drip about it) lead rich lives

    Sitting on the tube at rush hour, monday morning, post op, post Church run ashore with the boys, its easy to look at all the city workers and feel a bit of sympathy for them as they look forward to their "Two weeks in the sun"

  12. That's a damn shame. I was 100% behind you until that point. If ever a national leader sold out the working classes it was Dearest Margaret. Although Mao, Pol Pot and Stalin weren't particularly compassionate with their respective poor either.
  13. Spot on P3 Ihave been amongst the civvie populace for 21yrs now and still can,t understand the stupid boring gits. I,m luckier than them though as not only did i serve but my lad is also serving so i have still a good connection with the boys and some of my mates sons stay in touch. I am and always will be proud to have been a member of such an elite club/brotherhood of some of the finest and wackiest people in the world. To those still serving you have my utmost respect good on ya guys and girls.
  14. She raised british army pay by 40% whilst she was in... Yeah she shafted us good and proper there!
  15. I am sick and tired of the stupid barstewads who think that every soldier is an illiterate scumbag. i am also annoyed by the way the country works. My father worked at Longbridge for 25 years and got £3000 redundancy money. meanwhile some tw@t of a reporter gets that much for attacking squaddies in his little article for giving some little scroat in Iraq a good kickin. as for civvies, most only know of squaddies what they hear on the news, or see in a holywood film, so they genuinely dont know better.