British soldier to face trial today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Greengrass, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. Have just seen on the news that a British soldier named Kevin Williams is to face trial today over the illegal killing of an Iraqi. Can’t find a link has any one any details on the case did he do wrong or simple is he Bliars scapegoat comments please.

    Key phrase from Tony B*Liar:

    "There are rules that our soldiers abide by, and incidentally the vast majority of them do the whole time, but anyone who commits a criminal offence will be charged, as we made clear"

    Nothing about, well he hasn't been convicted yet, or let's not jump to any conclusions on his guilt until all the facts are in the open!

    Nope, good old Tone, might as well said "bring in the guilty b*st*rd Sargnt Maj'r"

  3. I just love politicians and lawyers who know nothing about the pressures of war.

    They assume we can be governed by an arrse set of ROEs and if we stray from that, they hang us out to dry.

    Roll on the election :evil:
  4. Have done as full a search as I can.

    Apart from original report, Zip.

    Interesting comment by the Attorney General:

    So the CO investigates under military law, finds there is no case, so the AG takes a political decision and asks the Met to investigate.

    Does this not strike anyone as in any way politcally motivated, and indeed highly suspect?
  6. There still has to be sufficent evidence to charge with the offence, a decison that would be in the hands of the CPS (police lost most of there charging powers at the end of last week under the criminal justice act 2003) they are supposed to be independent etc etc.

    I would suspect that a british jury would be loath to convict a soldier of a murder in a war zone unless the evidence was OVERWELMING
  7. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt


    if the SIB cant get enough evidence (and we all know how thorough they can be)

    what evidence did the met find then? Hmmmmmmm

    just worried that yet again the MOD will wash their hands of him because their scared of standing up for the british squaddie
  8. Woopert,

    Just read the same and am gob-smacked by the inference that the CO must have been covering up for his troops!

    but lets all remember who the A-G is shall we!! Blairs old room mate and fellow liberal lawyer!

    oh, and who is the head of the CPS - Ken MacDonald - now who would that be, oh that would be Cheri Blairs old work mate from Matrix Chambers - you all remember Matrix - there the legal firm who keep suing the MOD.

    what a small world

    bitter and twister - me - f*cking right i am
  9. What a quote from he who must be obeyed so why is it Tony that most squaddies think that you are a total cu*t. Personally it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that good old Tony validates what I do good bless you kind sir. Also I am no lawyer but if Trooper Williams CO dropped the charges how can he still to tried for the same crime what happened to the double jeopardy rule or is that only for drug dealer and other social parasites to hide behind. You can almost imagine the cross examination

    laywer “The deceased was 400 meters away running, smoke was obscuring your view and you were under fire Why didn’t you shoot the weapon out of his hand”

    I hope he is released promoted and given three week time share in the Algarve
  10. He is from 2RTR and yes the CO would have done all he could to help him.
  11. If this is not thrown out at the first opportunity then perhaps we ought to do something ? Who is paying this chaps legal costs ? Does he have legal aid ? Doubt is usually reserved for the very wealthy that hide their money or 'Swampy' type toerags !

    Mind you the CPS are usually fingers crossed he will be ok..I am sure a goor brief could annihilate the case.
  12. I hope Blair gets testicular cancer and dies a slow agonising death. :evil:
  13. Lets hope that the case closes with egg on face for those who deserve it. Perhaps they'll think twice before doing this again.
  14. Doesn't this offend against the principle of 'double jeopardy', ie that you can't face trial for the same offence twice? If charges have been brought, and then dismissed by the CO who is acting as a summary court martial then I would have thought that the matter was dealt with.
  15. When have RoEs been anything else? They're only an umbrella for the politicians just for cases like this. This way they can hang the squaddie and hide away themselves. :evil: