British Soldier Stabbed To Death In Cyprus

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bushnut, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. DM reports family not told yet...
  2. Not what BBC have said
  3. Condolences to the family.

    When I was posted to Dhekelia late 90's we were all asked if we wanted the ban on going into Ayia Napa Square lifted but all said we would rather it be left out of bounds put in place after the Green Jacket episode. Sadly all the good work created by the British over the years on the Island will once again be tainted by drink/fighting and knife related incidents and could of easily been avoided....hopefully the fuckwit who stabbed him rots in a Cypriot jail rather than returns to a comfy cell in the UK...he had better order some KY Jelly.
  4. Cyprus was so much better in the early 90s when the rave party culture was still still infesting San Antonio (Ibiza). That and before any tour guides went diffy.
  5. Mid 70's was a great time to be there, the only tourists were those that could afford Scheduled airfares or those off the cruiseships.
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  6. I was on Dhk when 2RRF were last there and they caused a lot of trouble.

    Obviously this lads death is sad but perhaps their hierarchy should get a grip of their battalion.

    They wrecked one of the bars in the main square last time. (Bedrocks)

    I don't know how true the stories are but apparently there was consideration to not to post them back to island.
  7. Worth comparing and contrasting the description of the "three men" in the British press with that of, say the Famagusta Gazette linked by the OP.

    Bad enough already but the stuff a shitstorm of itself.
  8. Blogg, saw that myself, just browsing through coverage from non-UK news sources to see how they are covering it.
  9. early 60s was a good time to be based there,nice and calm no bloody tourists just pads daughters especially the rsm,s daughter.
  10. Hadn't read the Farmagusta Gazette when I posted earlier so it seems the Ayia Napa Square ban is still in force.....i'm going to speak to some of my former Turkish and Greek workforce on Faceache and see what there take of it is from the Cypriot point of view...if I can chat to them in that small time frame when there sober that is.
  11. Having fell foul of the OOB law myself back at the then 9 Sigs, and being fined £900 for it as well. Then receiving an immediate posting I have sympathy for the lads family and friends. Does anybody know which club it was? My money is on Black & Whites.
  12. TB

    They had to change the posted off island rule.

    Young inf lads were "missing their girlfriends" and hated their role out there so took the easy option of getting caught in the square and getting posted back to the UK!
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  13. 48 hours for my removal!
  14. Black & Whites is one of the most dodgy places I've ever been in.

    The Cypriot bouncers are absolutely immense and take not one iota of shit from tourists or squaddies.

    I witnessed a Green Jacket get kicked inside out there in 1993 from about 4 bouncers, it was only the intervention of a local barman (Dino if anyone remembers him) that stopped the lad getting hospitalised.

    Regarding the stabbing, it could have also happened anywhere in the UK and regularly does so I'm not ready to decree that all Cypriots are Neanderthal bastards.