British Soldier Refused Room in Woking Hotel: Outrage Bus

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hairyhandbag, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Is it because Surrey is now so far up its own ring (credit boom et al)
    that the rest of the human population (especially AF) are now beneath them.
    Seems strange from a County that once boasted such a fine Regiment,
    kicking footballs at Christmas and all that.

    (Still a bunch of knobs though)

  2. It can only improve the place!

    Just goes to show who the UK's allies are. Knock the spams as much as you want but they're a fairly decent bunch overall and join in sooner or later in most cases ;) .Where's the letters of support from the French or Zee Germans eh?????? :D

    I bet the Metro Hotel are really wishing they'd let that guy stay now...
  3. How shameful it is to our Country that it takes the American's to once again remind us how to treat our Servicemen and Women properly.

    It may well bring a positive outcome and kick start something meaningful. Fingers crossed.
  4. Aren't we going to look even bigger cnuts when the septics see this

    Trash a place mulptiple times then kick off when someone is refused entry...... Great reason to voice outrage.

    I wonder if the spetics kicked off as much at Rumsfeld when he bullshitted about Weapons of Mass destruction.

    Very rare I cringe and shy away from my loyalties and the things I am proud of...... but this is one of them.
  5. I must say, It is brilliant to see this support from over the pond, but not surprising.

    I was over on holiday earlier in the year and their troops are treated brilliantly. As soon as I flashed my ID card, I was given discount in all (but one) shop and given free food and drinks.

    They were frankly appalled at the way we are treated, and could not believe it.

    Without turning this into a national debate, anywhere in Scotland I go that I am know as forces, I always get a great reception, anywhere else you pretty much are looking for trouble IMHO.

    This company, now, must be quaking in their boots, and rightly so.
  6. Everyone is aware that this incident happened nearly four months ago and that the hotel had actually apologised (despite multiple incidents involving soldiers) long before the subject fell into the hands of the press?
  7. What happened to the original thread from this morning? Has it been taken down because some of you lot have been phoning the hotel?

    You bad bastards

  8. Point taken but there is a subtle difference in behavior between 1 soldier and whole bunch of them on the razz

  9. :D It's owned and run by an American company - American Amusements Ltd.

    They also own;

    The Big Apple Family Entertainment Centre
    Chameleon Bar
    Quake Night Club

    Wonder if they may soon be retraining some staff?
  10. Interesting, I wondered if the hotel had bad experiences with squaddies in the past, but the thing is, this was one lad on his own. Also the hotel won't just admit that they told their staff to refuse to take bookings from squaddies, weasel words from them about mistakes and shit.
  11. Subtle!!!?????
  12. Have you never been held to account for the actions of others?

    We must have served in different Armies.
  13. Many a time and usually by Germans when they realise that I am infact English but the the phrase "Get me the manager before I report discrimination" works a charm.
  14. Apropos of nothing much really, after wondering why ARRSE deemed this story too hot to be shown on its pages I happened to be reading the obituary of Jerry Reed, who died on 1 Sep. He was a pretty good guitar player, and had joined up with a few other musicians to do the following:


    Now, much as I espouse a European, and British, way of life and culture, I have the deepest respect for the Americans and theirs, and seem these days to be far more positive about these things than us.

    FFS. What has happened to this bloody country?
  15. Sorry MDM but I disagree.

    1. This Hotel should know that one squaddie on his own should be viewed differently from a group of squaddies out on the lash.

    2. This corrupt, ineffectual government has broken the Covenant. So the great Bristih public, including companies/hotels etc should realise that when our lads are returning from the front line - they need to be given some slack, they need their R&R.

    Does this hotel stop a group of football supporters/ladettes/hen nights/stag nights - just because they have trashed the place in the past?

    This hotel is discriminating against our Armed Services whatever their excuse