British Soldier Refused Room in Woking Hotel: America Speaks

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We've just received a load of emails on this subject which I thought I'd post here. I know that it was all a mistake and that the hotel and the individual are sorting it all out but I thought you may all be interested in the strength of feeling from our allies.

Message: I am an American friend who is shocked by the story I just read about a wounded British soldier being denied lodging at the Metro Hotel. May he and his family derive some small comfort that this incident has not passed unnoticed and is condemned by all reasonable people. Our soldiers are our heroes. They guarantee our freedom.

Shame on them,
Message: Hello from the US, I saw your story of the soldier that was refused lodging. Because of the name I thought I could do some damage here for you, legally only mmind you. I found that American Amusements is One of UKs fastest Leisure centers. You can check this link they apparently do online gaming also. The first line will tell you follow to locations. I have not found in my brief search a US connection but let me know, they deserve pressure over here if they are here to. Jim
your military are our friends
Message: RE: Wounded Soldier Forced to Sleep in Car After Hotel Denies Him a Room

A reaction from a US Veteran standing united with all members and veterans of the British Armed Forces: (E-mailed to: The Big Apple Woking, Crown Square, Woking, Surrey)

Your policy of discrimination, particularly of service members, is despicable. As the retired international general sales manager of International Video Network (an internationally known travel video company, with multiple BBC awards and which has owned DeLorme Travel Guide) and a US veteran, I condemn your policy of discrimination against servicemen of any country. Starting today, I will advise all of my contacts in international travel circles, to adopt a mirror policy toward all of your company locations. You can also forget about any of the 2,837,000 Americans traveling to the United Kingdom, ever booking your facilities again! You deserve bankruptcy.
I'm glad I don't live anywhere near Woking; the Americans are probably thinking about nuking it at the moment! :D

Holiday Inn in Victoria Way must be rubbing their hands Litotes. Thanks for posting this BCO. Good to know that US members have taken the effort to email with such support.

And Litotes, you obviously happened visited the place anytime recently. I think the Americans may have already delivered an airburst above the place. Strangely, The Metro (only been in the place a few times) could well have been Ground Zero.

Military Covenant anyone?
minister_doh_nut said:
Aren't we going to look even bigger cnuts when the septics see this

Refused accom as hotel had a "treat with caution" policy following multiple incidents with soldiers from the local barracks staying there. It was allegedly poor behaviour on the part of members of the British Army that caused the policy to be imposed in the first place
Trash a place mulptiple times then kick off when someone is refused entry...... Great reason to voice outrage.

I wonder if the spetics kicked off as much at Rumsfeld when he bullshitted about Weapons of Mass destruction.

Very rare I cringe and shy away from my loyalties and the things I am proud of...... but this is one of them.
Good point but the media value of this is far greater than some drunken squaddies kicking off. It doesn't take the thickest of receptionist to realise the guy just wanted to get his head down. The application of common sense should be universal.

I am not one for screaming 'outrage' but if this helps change things for the better, who can complain..?
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