British soldier killed - Afghanistan 24/06/07

BBC News

A black week indeed.

Rest in peace brave soul, my thoughts and prayers are with those who loved you. Hope for a swift recovery for the injured.

Never to be forgotten.
Not again R.I.P and fingers crossed for the other lads.
I hope the other guys get sorted out and have a speedy recovery and also condolences to the dead soldier family. Yet another tragedy. RIP


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RIP and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.

Thoughts with the friends, families and Regt as always.
I find myself saying "not again" far too much recently.

RiP mucker and speedy recovery to everyone else.
RIP lad, as always thoughts are with family and friends. Wishing for a speedy recovery to the injured.


RIP to the fallen soldier, and wishing his family and comrades out in afganistan the strength needed at this time to carry on xxx
RIP mate.

May the family be helped to cope and be surrounded by friends, and I hope the wounded recover fully and fast.

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