British soldier KIA Afghanistan 10.02.2010

As reported on the ticker,another regrettable death in Afghanistan,the 12th this year and the 6th this month.

Rest In Peace.
Travis_Bickle said:
I think (hope) that there is a c*** up with the Daily Politics ticker. It implies that another soldier has died today but actually refers to the death of WO2 Dave Markland from 36 RE.

Link to Daily News page.

Link to Kent Online page.
I couldn't find any reference to a Brit casualty on the BBC or on,but took the ticker at face value and assumed this is breaking news.

As you say,hopefully there has not been another British casualty today,but in the circumstances,it regrettably would not be unexpected.

If this information is not correct,maybe the mods can remove this thread.
If it's a cock-up, it's on AP's part. There was no indication this referred to a previous casualty, one of the reasons I put a date on it, which I have now taken off.
Rest in Peace my friend.

You will not be forgotten!!

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